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Center-right economist narrowly ahead in Peru election

LIMA, Peru (AP) – Economist Pedro Pablo Kuczynski had a razor-thin lead over the daughter of an imprisoned former president in Peru’s presidential election, as Peruvians nervously awaited results still trickling in from remote parts of the Andean nation. With nearly 90 of polling stations counted early Monday morning, the …

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3 dead, 9 hospitalized as 1 Belgian train slams into another

HERMALLE-SOUS-HUY, Belgium (AP) – A late-night passenger train slammed at high speed into a slow-moving freight train in eastern Belgium, killing three people and sending nine others to the hospital, authorities said Monday. The accident came just hours after reported lightning strikes and a signal disruption on the line. Two …

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Iraqi military takes a slow approach in battle for Fallujah

CAMP TARIQ, Iraq (AP) – The battle for Fallujah is shaping up to be unlike any of the other assaults in the Iraqi military’s town-by-town war with the Islamic State group. In the nearly two weeks since the operation began, airstrikes have been used sparingly, Shiite militias have so far …

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