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Asian Star- Dr Inderdeep Singh (IDee)

Asian Star- Dr Inderdeep Singh (IDee)

Native Village/Country parent’s background

I originally belong to city of Kapurthala, currently settled and working in holy city of Amritsar, Punjab, India. My parents are practicing doctors. Father retired as Senior Medical Officer and is an anaesthetist while my mother is a gynecologist. Father hails from Jalandhar and mother is from Patiala. They shifted to Kapurthala in 1985 because of their posting in Civil Hospital, Kapurthala.

Your early education

I did my schooling in M.G.N Public school, Kapurthala. Then shifted to High School M.G.N Jalandhar where I did preparation for Medical Entrance exam as well.

Your career advancement initiatives, volunteer work and present occupation

I m an orthopedic surgeon with special interest in arthroscopic surgery, treatment of sports and ligament injuries including joint preservation surgery. For this specialised training I worked in Premiere Institutes of Australia and India. Therefore, I have MBBS, MS & DNB (orthopaedics)

I completed fellowship training in Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine.

Giving best of the treatments to Sports injury patients and athletes is my ultimate goal to enable them to get back to pre-injury level at the earliest.

Your regret in Life

I don’t think I have any as I accept life as it comes and Waheguru Ji showered his choicest blessings upon me.

Pick any one of the best achievements

Too difficult to choose from an array of successes. For a doctor, patient trusting you and following your advice is the best achievement. For me awards and degrees shouldn’t be considered as achievements, however, they do boost your adrenaline level to conquer. 

Any comments on modern culture

Our life is too much based on phones, social media so somewhere we are disconnected from realties of the World and inner self. Fiber love has defeated the true love and affection with near and dear ones. We need to use these things judiciously to overcome this menace.

What brought you success?

Success is a process and not a single day event. And it should not be the end point. Maintaining ethical standards of work and achieving them with high degree of integrity is utmost important. So just keep on working hard and smart with full dedication which will obviously yield the satisfied levels of success.

Are you willing to help upcoming professionals and how?

Absolutely, we try to train our junior colleagues through a fellowship program. The mistakes made by us become their strength. And while teaching, we learn more which is the indirect benefit passed on to our patients.

Your message for Canadians of Asian Origin

We have diverse Culture variations which need different set of treatments as compared to Western World. We need to respect our roots and choose the treatment based on our requirements. On my personal level, I staunchly advocate universal brotherhood. You may be in whatever country, the teachings of Guru Granth Sahib Ji guide us and persuade us to give back to society in any way we can. Ik Onkar (There is only one Creator) 

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