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Asian Star- Councillor Dal Virdi

Asian Star- Councillor Dal Virdi

Native Village/Country parent’s background

Both my parents are from Punjab, India. My mom is from the village of Ramgarh, and my dad is from the City of Jalandhar. 

They immigrated to Canada in the early 1980s.  

Your Early Education

I graduated from Beaumont Composite High School. 

Since then, I have earned a Diploma in Construction Engineering Technology, and a second Diploma in Civil Engineering Technology, and subsequently Masters in Business Administration.  

When & Why You came to Canada

I was born and raised in Canada. 

I was born in Vancouver, BC and moved to Edmonton, AB when I was very young. I grew up in South Edmonton until 2003 when I moved to Leduc County.

Your career advancement initiatives, volunteer work and present occupation

Advancement initiatives include building affordable Housing, and high-quality Infrastructure assets for Canada’s future. This can only be achieved through public policy, education, and diligent execution. 

I give back to the community through education. I teach courses at NAIT and PHBI in the subjects of building and road construction. 

I am currently an Infrastructure Construction Manager and an elected council member of Leduc County. 

Your Regret in Life

I have too many regrets to note lol. 

The good news is that: life is a journey, and I learn from my mistakes. This enables me to make better decisions based on lived experience. 

Pick Any One of Your Best Achievements

I was selected as a delegate on a World bank funded International Project in Uganda, Africa with NAIT. We successfully built and executed a road construction training program at numerous colleges throughout Uganda. That is my favorite project, to date!

Were You Ever Discriminated?

No, never. Growing up here, I never felt discrimination, and equally as important – I have never discriminated. Our diversity is our unity and strength. 

I have the utmost love and respect for everyone regardless of ethnicity, background, skin color, etc. and I think most people are the same way.

Are You Happy in Canada?

Yes, Canada has provided my family with meaningful work and a good quality of life. For that, I am forever grateful. 

It is a privilege to live in Canada although, there are problems here also. Affordable Housing, Delayed Health Care, and hindering Energy Production are examples of challenges we need to resolve. 

Any Comments on Canada’s Culture

I believe Canadian culture is envied around the world. I personally feel proud when the American media portrays us as super nice, apologetic, and caring! 

Any Comments on Canada’s Weather

I am accustomed to the beautiful summers and bitter-cold winters. I don’t think I would have it any other way! 

What Brought You Success in Canada?

I am not sure; I consider myself successful especially compared to so many important folks out there. I appreciate the compliment though lol.

The one constant that has allowed me to grow in my life and career thus far, is a strong work ethic! I got the work ethic trait from my father – he is intense lol. 

Are You Willing to Help New Immigrants and How?

Absolutely, it would be my pleasure to assist in any way I can. 

I think a great way to help new immigrants is to get them working and be productive in the economy right away. This is a win-win for both immigrants and the Country. 

I am an advocate for a more robust and productive Immigration strategy in this country.

Your Message for Canadians of Asian Origin

Asian-origin Canadians have made significant contributions to Canada since their arrival generations ago. 

Many of them are CEOs of Fortunate 500 companies, Private Business Owners, Doctors, Lawyers etc. – I should take advice from them lol. 

My message would be: 

Let’s collaborate, not compete. Let’s collectively focus on the challenges that Canada faces and tackle them together so our good and sincere intentions are never questioned. I believe we can be effective. Always give back to the society in any way you can.

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