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Asian Star- Kultaran Padhiana

Asian Star- Kultaran Padhiana

Native Village/Country

I hail from the village Padhiana, District Jalandhar, Punjab, India.

Your Early Education

I completed my Masters in Economics and Political Science.

When & Why You came to Canada

I immigrated in 2012. Better job opportunities and bright future for our kids attracted me to Canada.

Your career advancement initiatives, volunteer work and present occupation

I am self employed as the Financial Adviser. However, I also volunteer with South Asian Newspapers, Radio Stations and Television channels.

Your Regret in Life

Leaving my birth place is the biggest regret of my life and make me sick whenever I revisit my memories.

Pick Any One of Your Best Achievements

I should not brag. However, thousands and thousands of my content readers, TV Channel viewers and Radio listeners besides my social media followers really make me proud and persuade me to serve our community to the best of my ability. 

Were You Ever Discriminated?

Never ever irrespective of the fact that I follow my faith and religious beliefs.

Are You Happy in Canada?

By all means. It is the right abode for the residents who demonstrate high degree of honest, discipline and focussed approach.

Any comments on Canada’s culture.

Western society offer humongous allurements and you are responsible for your own actions. At any given time, you can be derailed if you do no exercise self control. Any society World over offer good as well as bad options.

Any comments on Canada’s weather

Being close to North Pole, Canada is the cold country. If I am correct, almost 8 months make us shiver. However, pick winters are very harsh and sometimes convince us to flee the country like snow birds. With our long stay, we get acclimatised and start enjoying the vagaries.

What brought you success in Canada?

Good question. I can not quantify my success. However, I feel that I am leading the meaningful life as per Canadian standards

Are you willing to help new immigrants and how?

As a financial adviser, it is my fiduciary duty to impart the right information and adhere to the requisite ethics. And as a responsible media person, I am committed to provide the truthful information and guide our folks as regards resources available to them and help them with job search.

Your message for Canadians of Asian origin

In my 12 years stay in Canada, I have learnt that there is no short cut to success. Hard work, honesty and sincerity is the key. Adhere to these traits and you will see sky is the limit. In my everyday reporting, I have observed newcomers and the Internationals students are going astray. Shun criminality, drugs and gang wars. Make your life and others life peaceful and full of happiness. Give back to society in any way you can.

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