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Religion should unite not divide – Mary Thomas

The Dalai Lama said India is still the best country upholding the religious harmony and peaceful co existence. “India, the most populated democratic country has shown the way for thousands of years,” he said. “My religion is kindness. All religions have the clear scope for promoting harmony,” the spiritual leader …

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The Future of Work

The world of work is changing, no doubt. These changes come with each new decade: the increasing competitiveness of other countries; outsourcing of operations; generational and diversity shifts in the workplace, AI and the rate of technological change. Work will become less routine: Employees will work more in teams–many on …

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A generation lost in their devices

The digital word has taken over our lives and we’re only as social as our social media feeds these days but this is affecting the family and social circles well. Nearly two-thirds of parents (63%) with children aged four and five say they are worried their child is spending too …

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Etiquette: The dying art of good manners

Old fashioned manners such as ladies always going first, saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and keeping elbows off the table are all in danger of dying out.  And when was the last time anyone stood because a lady entered the room? We might blame post feminism for that but manners …

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English has gained world dominance

English was the first language I spoke growing up in Post-Colonial Mumbai in the 70s and 80s, I have fluency in 5 other languages attained thereafter but I still think in English.  Language is symbolic and representative; you can interpret any given statement in more than one way. Sometimes the …

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India: a nation in search of a new identity

The real “clash of civilizations” is not a clash between Islam and “the West,” but is instead a clash within every modern nation “between people who are prepared to live with others who are different, on terms of equal respect, and those who seek the domination of a single religious …

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Don’t let power go to your head: practise empathy

Donald Trump seems to flash all across the mind’s eye when you think of one whom power has left bereft of human decency and compassion. Maybe he wasn’t always like that. Dacher Keltner, a psychology professor at Berkeley, University of Californiafound from a series of experiments that people in powerful …

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Make stress your ally for peak performance

Stress is not all that bad, it’s how you perceive stress that works against you.  Psychologist Kelly McGonigal explains that Stress Belief is the 15th cause of death in the US — not stress itself.Individuals who both perceived that stress affects their health and reported a large amount of stress …

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