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Daawat: Indian food with a touch of Nepalese hospitality

As we walked into this 30-year-old establishment, with a rich décor, we were greeted by the middle enterprising and innovative owner, Prakash Neupane. Prakash has been in the hospitality industry for many years but purchased Daawat just 2 years ago.

We tasted samples from the buffet while most dishes tasted lovely especially the Butter Chicken, some felt a wee bit mundane. The first dishe served that Prakash seemed proud of was the Paneer Tikka and true to its name, it was succulent and delicious.

There were a lot of mainstream community families dining there. Prakash explained that the SE Asian community visits at the later part of the evening.


We slurped on the delicious Chass and ingested the naan and saffron rice with the unexpected Parsi dish Lamb Dhanshak and Goan dish, spicy Fish Vindaloo.

These sauces could be improved to match the flavours I was used to in Mumbai and South India. 

The best dishes were the Nepalese staple: Chicken and veg Momos with spicy sesame chutney to die for and the Taas Lamb sizzler: crunchy lamb sliced fine, marinated and fried… yummm!

As well as Chicken Sekhuwa with Saffron rice! 

The hospitality of the servers added to the taste of the dishes and made it a special experience: one that you can bring your family or friends to safely! 

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