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Asian Star-Jaskaran Deol

Native village/Country, parent’s background:
I hail from Village Ayali Kalan, District Ludhiana, Punjab, India. My father, (Late) Sardar Charanjit Singh Deol, a renowned Social Worker was into farming and subsequently shifted to Real Estate business. Mother is a stay home mom.
Your early education:
I completed Bachelors of Arts from D A V College, Chandigarh.
When & why you came to Canada?
I immigrated to Canada after my marriage at the age of 26 in 2016.
Your career advancement initiatives and present occupation:
I was devastated and heart broken when I lost my dad at the tender age of 14. Besides pursuing my studies, I also resumed the responsibility of family business and dealing with other stakeholders. Back home, I am still the Vice-President of Land Mortgage Bank, Ludhiana which provide loans to small farmers of 941 villages.
In Edmonton, besides running Edmonton Furniture Shop, I am equally involved in community work and have organized number of community events.
Your regret in life:
Pick any one of your the best achievements:
I have seen the most difficult times in my life and disastrous loss of my dad has chiseled me to be a caring human being. My high business ethics enabled me to establish the reputed enterprise that too within the span of two years. My valued repeated clientele bear the testimony of my credibility.
Were you ever discriminated?
Never ever.
What you miss in Canada?
I have nothing to miss as I enjoy both the worlds because my community involvement.
Are you happy in Canada?
Canadian system is very conducive to run business without any hiccups. Absence of Red Tapism and “Inspector Raj” is a real boon and provide level play ground to anyone who has staunch belief in honesty.
Any comments on Canada’s weather:
All said and done, winters are definitely harsh. You do feel the shock of your life when you land here. However, you get acclimatized with the passage of time.
Any comments on Canada’s culture
I am teetotaler and vegetarian and not allured by an extravagant life style. Yes, I agree, modern world offer great challenges to youth and their parents to combat alcohol and drugs related issues which need a great deal of responsibility. We as community should evolve solutions to such menace.
What brought you success in Canada?
These are all ways of God and my mother’s blessings. My significant half, Renu also played an important role in my life and still helps me in daily business chores.
Are you willing to help new comers?
I try to guide the newcomers regarding business opportunities as well as help to find job. Most of the students approach me for part time jobs and I am ready to help.
Your message for Canadians of Asian origin:
We immigrate to Canada for the welfare of our kids. Therefore, we should remain focussed to provide them the best resources to achieve their educational and professional goals. At the same time, we should be concerned about what legacy we will leave for them looking into environment, political system and career paths. We should embrace diversity with open arms and practise universal brotherhood. World is a Global village where every ethnicity has place to celebrate their existence.

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