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Asian Star- Amritpal Singh Matharu

Native village/Country, parent’s background

I was born and raised in Edmonton, Canada and my parents hail from Hoshiarpur, Punjab, India. Father owns TJ’s Auto Brakes & Tires Ltd and mother is a homemaker.

Your early education      

I have completed Bachelors in Marketing.

Your career advancement initiatives and present occupation

At present, I manage my family owned auto repair business. However, eventually will open up my own marketing consulting firm.

Your regret in life

No regrets so far, I truly believe that whatever happens in life is meant to happen to make you either, wiser or to make you learn.

Pick any one of your the best achievements

Entrusting me the responsibility of General Secretary of Ramgharia Gursikh society of Edmonton gives an immense confidence.

Were you ever discriminated?

I have personally never been openly discriminated against by anyone. I have had people in my life whose feelings were hurt by uncalled for behaviour.

What you miss in Canada?

I was born and raised here so I grew up a bit different from say someone who immigrated here in theirmid-teens or early adulthood, or anyone that has deep roots back home. I’m fortunate to have my entire family, both nuclear and extended in Canada and more specifically Edmonton, Alberta.

Are you happy in Canada?

How can I be not happy as Canada is my home?

Any comments on Canada’s weather

Others think that we are psychotic to live in a place where your face hurts when you go outside, and I don’t blame them for their opinions. From the outside it appears that way, but there is nothing like sitting down with a close group of friends in a local café, sipping on hot coffee…and complaining about how cold it is outside. In the summer it’s an entirely different story. Going to the mountains with family and friends is what keeps you going during the long winter days.

Any comments on Canada’s culture

Culture is made up by the people that reside within a country, therefore, Canadian culture, in my opinion is a blend of cultures of the people that reside in Canada. No one community in Canada can say that this country belongs to them.

What brought you success in Canada?

Success is a journey not a destination.The micro success that I have had up to this point, I would credit to never stopping to learn and grow. If you learn one new item per day, you have now learned 365 different things in one year. It adds up!

Are you willing to help new comers?

Of course! I especially find helping the younger people that have immigrated to Canada very fulfilling. Helping them apply for things like post secondary education or scholarships reminds me of the time when I was doing the same. Being first generation Canadian and having to navigate this at the age of 17/18 can be a very daunting experience.

Your message for Canadians of Asian origin.

Embrace your ethnicity. Being different means you bring a different perspective on issues, you bring different ideas to the table. Ideas that could change the future, ideas that can inspire someone else. Get involved in communities and aspire to accept leadership role.


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