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Asian Star- Amardeep Virk

Native village/Country, parent’s background
My native village is Dehlon, District Ludhiana, Punjab, India. However, we moved and got settled in New Delhi, India since 1950. My parents got well settled and also established a life and occupation in Delhi. My father was a retired official from the Air Force, and after the retirement, he soon joined Escort limited as Manager, while my mother maintained the crucial role of a housewife.
Your early education
I did MBA from New Delhi, and also Bachelors of Engineering from Karnataka.
When & why did you come to Canada?
We moved to Toronto, Canada in 2010, however, we had visited multiple times before just to make sure, if it was a suitable environment for sustainment, and it was. We were hoping to encounter a safer, and perhaps a more prosperous lifestyle for our children, as safety is a top priority when it comes to children. Later, we moved to Edmonton as a more preferable job opportunity came by.
Your career advancement initiatives and present occupation
As of now, I work as an analyst in Norquest College, and appreciate the opportunity of growth that repeats itself every day, extending my experience and expertise in that department. Every once in a while, I confront a situation that I may not be an expert at, and for that I have my colleagues who are a great asset professionally, notwithstanding our informal friendship.
Your regret in life
I am ecstatic to say that I have no regrets. It’s always important to realize that everything doesn’t advance the way you intend it to, but satisfaction, which is achieved with extreme difficulty, is sometimes enough to keep your hopes up. Fortunately, whatever I have, exists because I achieved it with determination, and whatever I wanted, I don’t need anymore. “No regrets in life. Just lessons learned.”
Pick any one of your the best achievements
My biggest achievement would unquestionably be that the wish I brought with me when I came to Canada has been fulfilled: my children are successful, safe, and most importantly, happy!
Were you ever discriminated?
Luckily, ever since I landed in Canada, I have never felt discrimination of any sorts. The multicultural aspect of Canada is as strong as it’ll ever be, as the people are truly accepting and kind, towards everybody, careless of race, caste or color.
What you miss in Canada?
There is one thing that I miss most being here in Canada is my far situated family. The countless kilometers between us are painful, but nevertheless I understand that living in Canada is an opportunity that only favors the brave, and sometimes sacrifices are necessary for success.
Are you happy in Canada?
I am very happy here in Canada. This isn’t only because of the safety and education provided to my children, but also the sense of multiculturalism, unity, and the chance for success that is exhibited by every citizen.
Any comments on Canada’s weather
Canada’s weather, despite its bizarre unpredictability, is amazing. It can be extremely cold, warm, rainy, and windy at any given time and this uncertainty add tinge to life.
Any comments on Canada’s culture
Canada is at the heights of diversity, and acceptance of differences in culture makes it a fascinating country. There is an abundance of cultures, and celebrations that are displayed in the various multicultural events like Heritage Festival provide peep into most of the worldly traditions.
What brought you success in Canada?
Determination, hard work, and perseverance are all necessary qualities to have if you wish to be successful in any advancing country, your future relies on the amount of effort you are capable of applying to achieve your goals. “The harder you work, the luckier you get”
Are you willing to help newcomers?
I completely understand the doubts that would arise in the minds of newcomers and would happily address them if that helps them to establish a sense of identity and belonging in our wonderful country. Not only by answering the questions, but also providing guidance that could create a path for success for the newcomers.
Your message for Canadians of Asian origin
We should be proud that we inhabitant ofthe country where everyone has equal rights, safety, security and an opportunities to grow. The welcoming nature of Canada beautiful is real boon and cannot be matched by any other country in the world.

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