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Zaika: Refreshing Memories of Pure Ghar-ka-khana home made food

You walk into the restaurant and the ambiance is modern with simple yet great décor; a separate space
for the bar folks and another section for families. You’re greeted by Garry Gill, the youthful owner who
could pass off for a model but has no airs whatsoever. A look at the buffet tells you it’s not the same old
“thakela” food; every dish on the menu sets off the saliva and tastes uniquely like home-cooked food.
Garry is an epitome of customer service; he makes us feel entirely at home, we literally forget it’s not.
We relish the range from dahi wadas and salads to papads.

The nan platter came with 4 varieties: garlic nan, coconut nan, butter nan and tandoori roti.

With an accompaniment of vegetables, chole, tandoori chicken, paneer korma and goat curry, it was a riot of flavours not overpowering yet not mild either…

reminiscent of a mom’s loving hand! The dal on plain rice was comfort on your palate! Followed by Veg Pulao with Butter Chicken and Gulab Jamun,

Berry Lassi was unique and filling. The masala chai was light and set the over worked tummy just right!

Zaika opened in Ellerslie August 2009 and has had a steady flow of clientele from the thoroughbred
Punjabi to mainstream Canadians, everyone seemed to enjoy the ambiance and the food. If you haven’t
tried it yet, make it the venue for your next candle light dinner with a loved one!

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