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Edmonton’s pure vegetarian destination: Bombay chaat and paan house

Being from Bombay, this name has a special draw for me and is reminiscent of the street food we used to gorge on. As you walk in the sweet scent of paan wafting through the air is inviting. If you haven’t enjoyed the Dahi puri, you must try it. 

Vinod Patil, one of the partners welcomes us. Vinod spoke about the launch of the restaurant in March 2016 with partner Sunny Dhanani as a go to place for vegetarians. A great space for private parties, at least 3-4 parties take place every month catering to approx. 30 -40 people each time. Winters are bad during the days especially with the economic slump we’re experiencing. BCPH plans to move into veg thali and franchise options soon. 

 We set off on our taste testing expedition with Dahi Puri, which is always the best way to begin.

Indo Chinese Schezwan Fried Rice is deliciously addictive. Grilled Cheese Sandwich is a must-have.

Misal Pav came as a surprise to me. Bhel puri is pretty good but not as spicy as I like it. Rabri Falooda is sweetly delectable on the tongue and the tummy. Party space and catering options are available where the menu is not limited. We closed with Meeta Paan, the best in town. 

Here’s your go-to destination for vegetarians whose numbers are increasing by the day. 

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