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Asian Star- Sukhdev Aujla

picNative village/Country, parent’s background
Village Aujla, Distt Kapurthala, Punjab, India. Father was farmer and mother was stay home mom
Your early education
In 1970, I completed LLB (Bachelor of Law) with honours and was ranked # 2 among four states of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal and J & K as Punjab University, Chandigarh was the only University catering to these states. Subsequently, I was practising lawyer at District Courts of Kapurthala
When & why you came to Canada?
I entered Canada in 1972 on visitor’s visa. I always had a great quest to visit foreign countries and my Indian passport was always hindrance. My friends persuaded me to call Canada as my new home and on their persistent request, I latched on to this beautiful country
What you did for initial survival
I worked as labour in Kelowna Orchids and Saw mills. I moved to Edmonton in 1974 and filled construction job in Precasting section
Your career advancement initiatives and present occupation
Finally in 1976, I was hired as Correction Officer, Fort Saskatchewan Center. I kept on rising within the organization and superannuated as Deputy Director (Operations), Department of Solicitor General & Public Safety, Government of Canada in 2007. I also contested unsuccessfully as Liberal Federal Candidate from Edmonton-Manning constituency. Recognizing my involvement with seniors, Liberal Party of Canada has appointed me as Director, Seniors Liberal Commission of Western Canada which comprises provinces of BC and Alberta, North West Territories and Yukon
Your regret in life
Pick any one of your the best achievements
My father tilled land whole of his life. As a tribute to his pious soul, I have acquired a big size agricultural farm near Regina International Airport
Were you ever discriminated?
Never ever
What you miss in Canada?
I miss lots my homeland, friends, extended family and relatives. I have made it a point to visit India every year and keep on brushing up sweet memoirs and rebooting my love for land
Are you happy in Canada?
I think Canada is haven on earth with abundant opportunities for hardworking folks. Unmatched safety & security as well as level playground for every individual cannot be weighed on any scale. Life is good
Any comments on Canada’s weather
If we minus those heavily minus temperature days, the rest of the weather year round is full of joy and provide humungous fun filled opportunities
Any comments on Canada’s culture
World is in for a big change and all goods and evils are growing hand in hand. At least in Canada, we have facilities and resources to get our fumbled youth back on track. Yes, drugs and alcohol are ruining our teens for which parents, society and peers are equally responsible.
What brought you success in Canada?
Honesty, hard work, commitment and focus are the only mantras for success. Never look behind and keep on treading your career path step by step
Are you willing to help new immigrants?
I assist all newcomers to understand the complexity of Canadian System. With my law background and my stint with Department of Solicitor-General, I am well equipped to impart right advice
Your message for Canadians of South Asian origin
Always keep your culture and heritage intact besides adapting new culture. There is no short cut to success. Don’t be allured by the big houses/cars of an established people. Live within means which will be gateway to happy and contented life. Give back to society by way of either time or money. This country is our home away from home. We should try to make it blissful

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