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Rajeev Arora

Native Village/Country parent’s background
I was born and raised in Sonipat, Haryana; a city located in the suburb of
New Delhi. We lived in a family of 7, which comprised of my parents, two
brothers, and two sisters. My parents owned a small local family business.
Your Early Education
I received my high school degree from Hindu High School, Sonipat, which
was one of the academically renowned schools in the 1980s. After
completing my schooling, I enrolled in Bachelor of Commerce at Hindu
College, Sonipat, a renowned college of those times. While I was pursuing
my degree in the Bachelor of Commerce, I had fostered a dream to pursue
a career as a Chartered Accountant. In 1983, I received admission into the
Institute of Chartered Accountants. After rigorous articling with a leading
tax consulting firm in Delhi, and going through a series of tough
intermediate and final examination I became a qualified Chartered
Accountant 1987.
When & Why You came to Canada
In 1994, I got married to Renu Arora who was residing in Winnipeg,
Manitoba as a Canadian citizen and subsequent to our wedding, my wife
relocated in India to live with me till 2001. I had no intention of settling in
Canada at that time as I was enjoying my personal and professional life in
India to the fullest.
After marriage, I continued to practice as a Chartered Accountant and
obtained valuable experience with a consulting firm for about 3 to 4 years.
Subsequently, I established my own practice in Delhi. I began to serve the
tax, accounting, and auditing needs of small businesses. While in practice
for 10 years, multinational companies of that era were beginning to expand
in India. As a result, there was a growing demand for Chartered
Accountants who also held a CPA degree from the United States of
America. This triggered within me a sense of desire to obtain a US CPA
degree to enable me to expand my CA practice. My ambition and
determination to obtain a US CPA Degree to enhance my professional

certification persuaded me to immigrate to Canada. I arrived in Winnipeg,
Canada as permanent resident in 2002.
Your career advancement initiatives, volunteer work and present

I received my US CPA degree in 2004 and also pursued a Canadian CPA
program (CGA) to obtain a degree from the Canadian institute of Chartered
Accountant. Later on, I received my Canadian CPA degree in 2006. In
January 2007, I moved to Edmonton to join Deloitte in their US Tax
Services upon receiving a job offer. In 2013, I completed my Masters in US
Taxation from Golden Gate University, San Francisco. It was a four -year
intensive program which further enhanced my professional knowledge and
expertise in the US taxation. The U.S. Master’s program equipped me with
the confidence, skills and knowledge to serve my employer with top quality
and service on a variety of their tax compliance and planning matters. In
2015, I was promoted to Senior Manager, which was a huge milestone for
my career at the time. After my Masters degree and promotion to Senior
Manager, I continued to serve with passion and dedication in order to
exceed the job requirements. During my 14-year tenure working with
Deloitte US Tax services, I also had the opportunity to hire and train
several growing tax professionals in our team. Recently in January 2021, I
was humbled to receive a promotion to the role of Director, US Tax
services – one of the most aspired leadership roles one could dream for in
Deloitte, the world’s largest accounting and consulting firm.
While working full-time with Deloitte, I also conceived the thought to serve
the community through volunteerism. As part of this, I volunteered at
several charitable/cultural organizations, such as the Mustard Seed,
Chrysalis, Hindu Society of Alberta, and the Maanaw Seva Association,
I have been involved as a Board Member at the Hindu Society of Alberta
since 2013. Within this duration, I have held executive positions serving as
both V.P. Communication and V.P. Administration for about four years.
Currently, I am serving as a Director of Hindu Society of Alberta.

In the Maanaw Seva Association, I served as President from 2015 to 2017.
Maanaw Seva Association supports underprivileged children by financially
supporting a school in remote village in India providing free education to
about 300 children who belong to very poor families.
Your Regret in Life
I wish I would’ve listened to my wife and moved to Canada earlier in 1994
to settle here after marriage!
However, a few things are not in our control. They come with time as per
your destiny. Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. So
love the people who treat you right, forget about the ones who don’t.
Believe that everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance, take it.
If it changes your life, let it.
Pick Any One of Your Best Achievements
To be promoted to the role of Director, US Tax Services at Deloitte is one
of my most cherished achievements. It was my dream and the goal which I
had set for myself about three years ago. I am thankful to my colleagues,
Tax Partners at Deloitte, and of my course my family who supported me in
this journey.
Were You Ever Discriminated?
Fortunately, I have never experienced discrimination. However,
discrimination is present in many different shapes and forms around us,
and we should do our best to find a way to combat.
Are You Happy in Canada?
Yes, I am very happy with the quality of life in Canada. In my view, the
opportunities are huge and unlimited in this country for one to grow and
rise. Sky is the limit! Moreover, happiness multiplies when you share your
growth, knowledge, and success with others, and I truly believe in this
philosophy of life.
Another part of my happiness is my family – my wife, daughter, and son.
Any Comments on Canada’s Culture
Canada is one of the best multicultural countries, a pluralistic society where
we have the opportunity to peacefully coexist and learn from one another.
We are fortunate that along with learning from one another, we are able to

practice our own culture, religion, and the way of life. Additionally, I am
proud that the firm I work with (Deloitte) is one which fosters the core
values of cultural diversity and giving back to the community.
Any Comments on Canada’s Weather
When I first moved to Canada in 2002, I was almost determined to go back
to India after living through the first winter in Winnipeg! It was really tough
in the first couple of years, especially in Winnipeg where the winter
temperature dips as low as minus 40 to 45 degree Celsius. However, I
slowly began to realize that the seasons are transient, and we must adapt
to the course of nature.
What Brought You Success in Canada?
In my view, there is no shortcut to success. Hard work, passion,
determination, perseverance, and the support from mentors are all
important elements which have contributed to my success in Canada.
Of course, my significant half, Renu Arora stood with me through thick and
Are You Willing to Help New Immigrants and How?
I am more than willing to help newcomers and immigrants with my
knowledge and experience, as I strongly believe in giving back to the
society. Anyone who wants to pursue a career in US or Canadian taxation
is more than welcome to reach out to me. On a number of occasions, I
helped new immigrants with some level of experience, to get a job here in
Canada within a few months of their arrival.
Your Message for Canadians of Asian Origin
Believe in yourself, set goals with realistic expectations, work hard and
don’t give up, then success will come knocking at your door! After
becoming successful, don’t forget to give back to society, express gratitude
towards your mentors and individuals who supported you. Always share
your knowledge, experience and skills to help others grow as pie is big.

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