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Asian Star-Nayima Nadeem

Native village/Country, parent’s background
I belong to city of Sahiwal (Punjab, Pakistan), and was blessed to be born and raised in a family of strong educational background. My parents gave me strength and support required to achieve my academic goals.
Your early education
After finishing my high school, I completed my Bachelor of Arts degree from Bahuuddin Zakariya University Multan, with Psychology and Economics as major subjects. I was taken into the ‘Masters of Education’ program at the University of Punjab Lahore, afterwards and I completed my master degree with higher grades. I started my teaching career with the Government Girls College Sahiwal and continued it until I moved to Canada with my family.
When & why you came to Canada?
My husband (a veterinarian) had applied for immigration of Canada, and was offered to have a landed immigrant status. So, whole family (my husband, I and 17 months old daughter) moved to Canada in December 2004 in a hope to pursue for a better future and to explore opportunities to make more advancements in our life.
Your career advancement initiatives and present occupation
Being a Master’s degree holder in Education (with particular emphasis on Early Childhood Development), I started my career in early childhood education, after achieving highest level of certification (Level 3) in Alberta. I continued working in this profession until I decided to start my Business Office skills Diploma from the Academy of Learning Career College. I finished my diploma with 94% overall average, and was offered a “Facilitator” position in the same institution. Being motivated by passion of teaching, I accepted that offer, and has been working there since 2011 to date. At present, I am positioned as “Training Director”.
Your regret in life
I do not have any regret in life. I believe by the grace of Allah SW, I am very blessed.
Pick any one of your the best achievements
Being mother of two children, it had been really challenging to pursue my career goals, but out of sheer hard work, dedication, determination, and with my husband Nadeem’s continuous support, I was not only able to continue my career as a teacher, but also I got the highest designation of Training Director in educational staff at my organization. This is really a matter of pride for South Asian immigrants.
Were you ever discriminated?
I never had to face discrimination in Canada. It is a beautiful country, full of loving people who show respect and tolerance to other people irrespective of religions, cultures, colors and races.
What you miss in Canada?
My family’s assimilation into Canadian society had been very smooth throughout, and I never felt any deprivation. Nostalgia belongs to your past life, and not necessarily means that your feel yourself a fish out of water when you leave your back home. I miss my parents, siblings, friends and relatives.
Are you happy in Canada?
Yes, I am very happy in Canada. Canada is my home away from home.
This land is full of opportunities, and I feel myself blessed that I am citizen of country full of diverse cultures, races and tolerant people. It is the best country for immigrants, and I have achieved whatever I wished in the supportive environment here.
Any comments on Canada’s weather
Summers in Canada are beautiful. Greenery is everywhere and natural scenic beauty mesmerizes everyone. Winters are really harsh sometimes in Alberta, but with proper clothing and controlled environment in houses, work places and malls, it is comfortable.
Any comments on Canada’s culture
Canada is the most welcoming country for any Nationality. People in Canada are more tolerant to each other, than in any other country. Canadian culture’s diversity is actually its biggest strength which makes it the best option for a person from any country of the world to immigrate to Canada.
What brought you success in Canada?
My dedication to achieve my goal, strong discipline and infallible determination brought me success in Canada. Also, as mentioned earlier, the unflinching support of my significant half, Nadeem.
Are you willing to help new comers and how?
Yes, I definitely want to help new comers, by sharing my experience and helping them to choose a career which suits to their aptitude, needs and skill set.
Your message for Canadians of Asian origin
Canada is land of opportunities. Fortune smiles at you, here. Be optimistic, show your positive attitude, demonstrate your hard work, and I bet no obstacle can stumble your progress. Organizational skills, time management, discipline and determination are the key strengths, you should develop in yourself. Please feel free to bug me for any assistance concerning your career goals and learning curve.

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