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Asian Star- Jeenu Riat

Native Village/Country parent’s background
My mother’s family is originally from Amritsar, Punjab. Mother has twoBachelor’s Degrees in Arts and Education and was a principal in Calcutta, India before she was married. My father’s family is originally from Samrala, Punjab. My father has a Diploma in Management Sciences, from the University of Ottawa(1972), a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Alberta(1970), and a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering from the Jadavpur University (1966). My father came to Canada in 1967 on academic scholarships then went back to Calcutta, India in 1975 to marry my mother. I was born in Calcutta in 1976 and then came to Fort McMurray, Canada at the age of 6 months in 1977.

Your Early Education
I grew up in Fort McMurray and graduated with honors in an advanced high school diploma from Westwood Community Highschool in 1994. I had an interest in Physics and English both, so I pursued this in Edmonton at the University of Alberta in their Bachelors of Science program. I then furthered my educationin Aerospace Engineering at Ryerson University in Toronto. I graduated with a specialization in Space and Satellite Controls I 2003.

When & Why You came to Canada
I came to Fort McMurray, Canada at the age of 6 months in 1977 as my father was an Engineering Associate at Syncrude Canada Ltd.

Your career advancement initiatives and present occupation
I have 24 years of experience in the engineering consulting industry. I am the President and CEO of Stamped Engineering Corporation. I founded Stamped Engineering Corporation in 2017 after I noticed a need for professional engineers to take responsibility for their work, all while being affordable and accessible. Stamped Engineering Corporation provides high quality engineering services to residential, commercial, industrial and oil and gas projects. Our core engineering services include: Mechanical, Pipe Stress Analysis, Process, Electrical & Instrumentation Controls, Civil/Structural, Project Management & Controls along with 2D, 3D & 4D drafting and design. My background in aerospace engineering helps support our clients with exciting Research and Development projects based on innovation and collaboration in a variety of industries.

Your Regret in Life
No regrets! Life is short I try to live each day with purpose and am grateful for every second in this Universe.

Pick Any One of Your Best Achievements
This is difficult, although I have academic achievements, my greatest joy comes from putting a smile on someone’s face, knowing that I made someone’s dreams come true. In a professional sense, one of the greatest achievements would be helping our client’s get patented so they can begin their journey of becoming renowned inventors.

Were You Ever Discriminated?
Yes, but I try to focus on the people that have accepted me for me. I find being positive is much easier and motivates me to keep moving forward.

Are You Happy in Canada
Canada is an amazing place to live, with opportunities for those who choose to work hard.

Any Comments on Canada’s Culture
Canada is a multicultural environment filled with vibrant people with stories of their ancestry and journey to Canada. Most of us have families that have taken great risks to immigrate to Canada. Canada’s culture is one of kindness and acceptance.

Any Comments on Canada’s Weather
Even during extreme temperatures, you will find Canadians outside enjoying the weather playing sports.

What Brought You Success in Canada?
Hard work, and continuously learning so that I may keep growing.

Are You Willing To Help New Immigrants and How?
It is a challenge to manage expectations when coming to a new environment and moving to a newcountry away from home. I am always here to lend any experience on managing expectations from employers, neighbors or how to join social and sports clubs to combat loneliness.

Your Message for Canadians of Asian Origin
I think as Canadians it is important to learn about the achievements and contributions of Canadians of Asian origin who, throughout history, have done so much to make Canada a compassionate nation. If we continue to inspire each other the future generations can soar to new heights.

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