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Asian Star- Dr. Prem Singhmar

Native Village/ Country, parents’ background
Dharampur (Abohar), Punjab, India. Father was landlord and mother was homemaker
Your early education
I did MBBS from Srinagar (J & K), Residency from Delhi and obtained Masters of Surgery (Eye) from PGI, Rohtak
When & why you came to Canada?
1985, I came under “entrepreneur immigration program” to explore various business avenues Canada offer
What you did for initial survival?
I started with 20,000 birds Chicken farm and subsequently soaked my hands into Daycare, Hotel and Real Estate business
Your career advancement initiatives and present occupation
I chiselled my business acumen which enabled me to own various commercial properties. Also, I own “AUM” Group which own Hotels chain
Your regret in life
Not so far
Pick any one of your the best achievements
Creation of a chair in Indian History at U of A
Were you ever discriminated?
Absolutely not
What you miss in Canada?
I miss East Indian warmth, culture, hospitalities and my own people
Are you happy in Canada?
I am
Whatever I do, it provides me an abundant pleasure. Moreover, Canadian System is very fair and conducive to growth which enables everyone to demonstrate competence
Any comments on Canada’s weather
It’s too cold and winters are long and lousy
Any comments on Canada’s culture
Canadian culture branches into many streams. Therefore, it is up to individual to follow right or a wrong path
What brought you success in Canada?
Fair system, hard and smart work
Are you willing to help new immigrants?
I always help
I willingly co-sign for my employees as well as acquaintances to buy homes. Also, I provide employment to people who have required set of skills
Your message for Canadians of Asian origin
We should not fiddle with fair Canadian System as it will lead to chaos. I strongly recommend volunteering for communities and have already sponsored “volunteers’ wall of fame” at Legislature as well as Alberta Art Gallery. I have contributed tremendously to numerous prestigious academic projects as I am a firm believer that we should give back to society and an education provides humongous avenues for growth

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