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Asian Star- Baldev Krishan Chopra

Native village/Country, parent’s background
I am from Patiala, Punjab, India. My father was a Police Officer and my mother was stay home mom.
Your early education
I did Diploma in Electrical Engineering from Thapar Engineering College, Patiala. Subsequently, I completed AMIE (Associate Member of The Institution of Engineers).
When & why you came to Canada?
I obtained Canadian Immigration in 2013. However, I have been shuttling between India and Canada. The love and affection of the family of my only son, Pankaj Chopra, Managing Director of Elite Real Estate Investments Inc., Edmonton always is the reason of my coming back.
Your career advancement initiatives and present occupation
Consequent upon challenging the exam of AMIE, I was appointed as Group Instructor of various ITIs (Industrial Training Institutes) in Punjab.
Your regret in life
I have none so far.
Pick any one of your the best achievements
I have great knack for books writing. My two books namely “ Workshop Calculations Science” and “ Glossary of Technical words in Punjabi” won me many accolades and also then Governor of Punjab, Hon. Siddartha Shanker Ray honoured my with cash prize in 1986.
Were you ever discriminated?
Never ever.
What you miss in Canada?
I have nothing to miss and enjoy both the worlds.
Are you happy in Canada?
Yes, when I am around.
Canada has given so much to my son and his family. I am glad Pankaj shifted to the land of opportunities. The system is so conducive to ensure hard working entrepreneurs do not experience red tap at any developmental stage and “Inspector Raj” of India has no relevance.
Any comments on Canada’s weather
I cannot comment on winters as most of my visits are in spring/summers when Canada provide the best of flora and pristine beauty.
Any comments on Canada’s culture
World has become Global village and all cultures have amalgamated. My only quest is that our generations should not forget the rich culture and heritage and remain glued to the roots. Modern Society adversaries have to be combated to ensure our kids lead the meaningful life down the line.
What brought you success in Canada?
I came as the successful immigrant and my son did well because of high ethics, honesty and focussed approach. Yes, I will like to credit my wife, Aruna Kumari Chopra who played a very important role in our lives.
Are you willing to help new comers?
My son has established good number of real estate developments in Edmonton and I always advise him to give priority and preference to new comers who are struggling lots and have to put food on table. Humans are great resource and any organization solely sustain and grow because of dedicated team work.
Your message for Canadians of Asian origin
Investment in kids is the most rewarding investment. I remember those days when I used to eat up all my savings to provide the best education to my three children. My friends used to caution me regarding my old age Finacial requirements. Today, I realise, I did the best investment which has provided me monetary as well as loving dividends. Always share extras with society and you will see, how beautiful life you lead.

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