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Winter driving tips

This week’s arctic temperatures can mean slick roads and unpredictable conditions. If you’re behind the wheel, be prepared and take steps to make sure your trip is a safe one:

+ Slow down. Remember – posted speed limits are the maximum intended for ideal summer conditions.

+ When roads are icy, give yourself at least three times the normal following distance to stop.

+ Download the 511 Alberta app or check 511.alberta.ca for the latest real time road conditions.

+ Winterize your vehicle. Use snow tires if possible and check your anti-freeze, brakes and windshield wipers before you travel.

+ If it’s snowing, expect reduced visibility. Make sure your headlights and tail lights are on so that you’re visible to other drivers.

+ Give snowplows room to work – stay back at least 10 metres to prevent collisions.

+ Try to drive outside of previous tire tracks – fresh snow will give you better traction.

+ If your vehicle begins to skid, take your foot off the brake and steer in the direction you want to go. Brake smoothly once the wheels have retained their grip.

Stay safe out there this week, and find more winter driving tips at https://saferoads.com/drivers/safety-issues/winter-driving/winter-driving.





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