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Kerala Restaurant: A taste of home for the Southies and health freaks

As you walk into the tiny little restaurant, you are apt to notice the “vallam” from boat races back home in God’s own country. The bright orange and black chairs spice up the décor. Shaji Mathew the owner greets you with a warm handshake and a welcoming smile. 

Body Cleanser

He serves up a feast: starting with the Body Cleanser, a light detoxifying juice accompanied by Beef Dosa, we savour the flavours. The appams and roti with Kadala Curry, Mushroom masala and Fish Moily are very appetising. The fish itself wasn’t too soft as I expected, yet the appams and rotis made up for the gap being light and fluffy to consume.


The sambharam was just right buttermilk with ginger, onions, chillies and salt…. Yumm!

Shrimp Biriyani

The Shrimp Biriyani was delicious too but could’ve been drier with some fried onions. The shrimp tails seemed to interfere with the feel of the biriyani. We closed with South Indian coffee. Overall a scrumptious experience, a feel of home for the South Indian tummy.

Savoy’s Health Café opened in July 2012 with 700sq ft opp. SouthGate Mall. In 2015, when partners moved on to start Savoy restaurant on 34 Ave, this old place was renamed Kerala Restaurant. As Shaji plans to launch a new brand 5000 sq ft restaurant shortly, he is excited about the vision for the new spot on 34 Ave that is getting built as we speak. 

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