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Avengers unite!- The New Indian Express

Avengers unite!- The New Indian Express

By Express News Service

We all love our superheroes and in recent times the heroes that have dominated our screens are the Avengers. TVS has decided to jump on the bandwagon just in time to cash in on the craze that Spider-Man: No Way Home has kicked off and are now offering their NTORQ 125 in a rather neat looking range which they call the SuperSquad Edition. The scooter is now available in a Spiderman and Thor theme, and they will join the Iron Man, Black Panther, and Captain America themed scooters that were introduced last year.

The multiverse can now extend to your driveway with these new scooters, and they sure look the part too! The Spiderman Edition carries that red and blue flair in style, while the Thor version has a more metallic look to it. 

Having said that, the underpinnings of these special edition NTORQs remains the same as the stock version, and you also get the standard features like Bluetooth and RT-Fi technology on board.  TVS is also offering their SmartXonnect with these special editions and they come with a customised UI that is inspired by the characters.

For example, the Spiderman Edition will have the app open in the Spiderman Logo, while the Thor Edition will get Thor’s hammer. Further, each app screen is crafted with a unique character trait of the selected superhero, making it a complete Marvel experience.

TVS NTORQ 125 SuperSquad Edition is priced at Rs 84,850  (ex-showroom).

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