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Asian Star- Sunil Phool

Asian Star- Sunil Phool

Native Village

I was born and raised in Delhi, India. 

Your Early Education

I completed Bachelors and Masters in History. 

When & Why You came to Canada

Like others, we came to Canada in 2000 for better opportunities and assuring promising career to my kids. 

Your career advancement initiatives, volunteer work and present occupation

I joined Canadian Armed Forces and served in Artillery as Logistic officer. Also, became foster parent and looked after kids who were in dire need of care for more than 10 years and subsequently adopted a child. Professionally, I am Safety Consultant and own R Safety and Consulting Company providing consultancy to big and small businesses and helping them to create and maintain their Health and Safety Management System and address their tech support, training, document control needs. I have completed professional courses to obtain designations such as NCSO, CSS, OHS, CHSMA.

Your Regret in Life

I do not have any.

Pick Any One of Your Best Achievements

My ability to work as volunteer with Infinity Safety Awareness and help community especially South Asians and enhance Diversity awareness, Inclusion, Mental Health and LGTBQ Issues.  

Were You Ever Discriminated?

I have been accepted with open arms everywhere and discrimination has never been a concern to me.

Are You Happy in Canada?


Any Comments on Canada’s Culture

Multiculturalism of Canada is a great boon and society as a whole want to see you as a proud Canadian. We must pass on the same baton in letter and spirit.

Any Comments on Canada’s Weather

It is the known fact that winters are long and harsh occasionally. However, Canada provides all four seasons to enjoy. Amenities are available to thwart vagaries of weather.

What Brought You Success in Canada?

Hard work, teamwork, and eagerness to improve myself on every step of the way. As per saying behind every successful man is a woman, I will like to recognize the support of my significant half Manju who complemented my strenuous efforts to achieve my goals.

Are You Willing to Help New Immigrants and How?

My initiatives via Infinity Safety Awareness, R Safety are addressing food and clothing needs for the last two years. I also impart Behavior-based Safety Orientation to new immigrants to enable them to get immersed in Canadian culture and work force. 

I also work and volunteer with other organizations such as CSSE, Auditor Association of Canada, Edmonton Police and City of Edmonton.

Your Message for Canadians of Asian Origin

Always believe in ‘Karma” and keep your karmic account in plus. You may experience negativities. However, truth will prevail ultimately. Love and affection are the important tools which add to your happiness and help others to lead happy life. Give back to society in any way you can like money, time and energy. Universal brotherhood is Omni present, preach and practise. 

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