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Asian Star – Avtar Virdi

Native Village/ country Parents background:

I hail from Kapurthala City of Punjab, India. Kehar Singh Virdi, father, was a factory worker. Nasib Kaur Virdi, mother, was a house wife.


I did B. Tech. Electronics, M.A.(English). I couldn’t complete my PhD in English for circumstantial reasons. However, I published my research in my best

selling books Marvelous English Speaking Course and others. (Details on www.EnglishIsVeryEasy.com).  Some of them are selling on Amazon.

Why did you immigrate to Canada?

I immigrated to Canada for helping our people to learn how to Speak English. We were pioneers to teach ESL privately and we succeeded in a big way. Our aim was also to have better life and bright future for all of us.

Career initiatives & volunteer work:

I am Licensed Life Insurance adviser and Government certified translator

I also produced TV show ‘Vehra Khushian Da’ on Vision & Joy TV (May, 2015 to Aug. 2023) 

I authored six books on English & two novels and have been honored by Punjabi University, Patiala for my Punjabi Novelਆਈ ਕੈਨੇਡਾ ਵਿਆਹੀ’ that was published by the University and students did M.Phil. & PhD on my novel. 

Many newspapers in Canada published about me and my work.

I am the successful short-movie maker (Signature & 3 more), documentary movie (Save Padi), Song-video maker, singer, actor, director, song writer in Punjabi Hindi & English.

As regards volunteerism, I am Lions Club member, Secretary, President & Top Ten in Lions Club Kapurthala Greater in India (1994 t0 2004), Member of Surrey-Newton Rotary club since 2018 and Member- Punjab Bhavan, Surrey.

Regret in life:

Honestly no regret in life. I achieved more than what I had thought in my life.

Best achievement:

Recognition by BC Government for my walk across Canada and fundraising for Cancer Research gives me great satisfaction that I did my bit for the humanity.


Yes, I experienced at work when I worked as a Carpenter in Wales McLelland Construction, Vancouver for a year. Three Senior Caucasian Carpenters literally wanted us out of company. But the Bosses were nice to us, me and my nephew whom I got hired with me.

Are you happy in Canada?

Absolutely, I am very happy except some complaints against our rotting medical system, poor policing against criminals and improperly managed immigration policies of Feds.

What brought you success in Canada:

My education, International awareness and mental preparedness for moving to Canada brought me a good deal of success.

Are you willing to help others?

I love to help all Canadians, whom I can, with all my services I am providing professionally as well as voluntarily.

Message to Canadians of Asian Origin:

I have always worked keeping in mind improving our image in Canadian society. I urge all to refrain from taking short cuts to become rich overnight in Canada, e.g. stealing, robbing, dealing in drugs etc. because that brings us bad tags and that is bad for our next generations here. Our ultimate refuse at present is Canada, and if we ruin its system like we have in our native country, we will have no place to go for a good life. Please love Canada as your own home work hard to make it better day by day.

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