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Asian Star – Nandan Kumar

Asian Star – Nandan Kumar

Native Village/Country

I hail from Ludhiana, Punjab, India.

Your Early Education 

I did my Masters in Commerce.

When & Why you came to Canada

I immigrated to Canada in 2005 to ensure safe and secure future for my family. Also, Canada provides humongous growth avenues.

Volunteer Work and Occupation

I am working extensively with Amrit Sagar Foundation in planning and organizing multiple community events focused on serving the Seniors of Calgary which provide me immense pleasure and satisfy my desire of accomplishment.

Professionally, I work for Canon Canada.

Your Best Achievements

I visualize that my Best achievements are successfully organizing sports day for Seniors which gave them a chance to connect with fellow member of their generations as well as other community figures. Also, add tinge to their life.

Have your ever been discriminated

Canada is the most welcoming country and practise multiculturalism. I have not faced any discrimination here in Calgary.

Are you happy in Canada?

Yes, me and my family are all very happy living in Canada. We are all satisfied with the quality of life that Canada has given us.

Your take on Canadian Culture

Canadian culture is a mix of many different cultures and communities. I agree bring an open society, it provides all kinds of avenues which can make or mar someone’s life. Therefore, stay focussed is the mantra for success.

Your take on Canadian Weather

Me and my family love the Canadian weather. We love the snow and the fall season the most. The vibrant colors in the fall followed by all whites in the winters is a great work nature.

What brought you success in Canada?

Only hard work and dedication can bring success. For me, years of dedication to my job, family and community has brought me success. Everyone has different scale for success. For me, earning livelihood respectfully and taking care of fellows wellbeing is a true success.  

Are you willing to help new Immigrants and How?

Absolutely. Myself and my team at Amrit Sagar Foundation are all very dedicated to help new immigrants to adapt to the Canadian life. Our all initiatives are geared to meet their personal and professional goals.

Message to Canadians of Asian Origin

Canadians of Asian origins living in their new home country should work hard to create a happy life for themselves and others. It is also important to given back to society in one way or another for the betterment of the society as a whole. I agree, we can not forget our ties back home. However, we should ensure that the Indian political system should not have bearing on our friendly ties here. As responsible Canadians, we must understand the Canadian Charter of rights and responsibilities.

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