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Asian Star-Mohinder Toor

Mohinder Toor

Native village/Country, parent’s background
Chander Kalan, District Fatehabad, Haryana(India)
Father was Landlord and mother was stay home mom
Your early education
I completed Bachelors of Arts from Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra (Haryana)
When & why you came to Canada?
1998. I came to Canada to join my significant consequent upon our marriage
Your career advancement initiatives and present occupation
On my arrival, I joined Lafarge, Edmonton and have risen to the level of Supervisor after my dedicated service of 21 years. I co-own Keratic Beauty Spa with my wife, Kulveer Toor and bunch of commercial properties
Your regret in life
No regret in life. God has been kind enough to serve my needs
Pick any one of the best achievements
I feel pride that God enabled me to acquire the required skills to rise to the level of Supervisor in an Internationally acclaimed company
Were you ever discriminated?
What you miss in Canada?
I have nothing to miss. All my dear ones are in North America and we enjoy the best of love and affection
Are you happy in Canada?
All our folks back home yearn to enter Canada to enjoy the quality of life this beautiful country offer. We are blessed we enjoy the rarest of the rare living standards, freedom, growth avenues and pollution free environment. We have longevity of life because of safety, security and high quality food
Any comments on Canada’s weather
I agree winters are really horrible. However, consistent stay fine tune the body as well as attitude
Any comments on Canada’s culture
World over, culture has gone for a big sea change. Society provides all kinds of allurements. It’s a great challenge to contain young adult kids. We as parents should devote maximum time to our families and be role models. Drug and alcohol abuse is killing our youth and forcing parents to live dead life. Our religious places should also come forward to make joint efforts in controlling this menace
What brought you success in Canada?
Good Karma, Good work. I never lagged behind in giving back to society. Of course, my significant half, Kulveer Toor played a very important role in my life
Are you willing to help new immigrants?
I enable lots of our folks to find better jobs and settle faster. At the same time, I get them placed with my present employer Lafarge and my own ventures
Your message for Canadians of South Asian origin
We should stick together irrespective of our beliefs and back grounds and encourage our folks to stay inclusive. Sharing of values, culture, food and heritage is a source of great happiness and positively impact our lives. Always give back to society. Generations should inherit the rich and prideful tradition.
There is never short cut to success. Take every ethical step to accomplish your dreams.

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