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Asian Star- Gulzar Singh Nirman

Native Village/ Country, parents’ background
I hail from Village Dhakarba, District Patiala, Punjab, India. My father was Zaildar in Punjab Irrigation Department and mother was stay home mum.
Your early education
I did Bachelor of Arts, Diploma in Library Science from Panjabi University, Patiala and Machinist certification.
When & why you came to Canada?
I entered Canada on 2006 with my family under Federal Nominee Program.
Community Work:
Since my landing at Edmonton, I am volunteering with Gurudwara Singh Sabha, Edmonton and at present am serving as Mukh Sevadar (President)
Sikh Temple initiatives:
Our Gurudwara is fully devoted to humanity. We have acquired two houses near Gurudwara to provide temporary accommodation besides food and incidental expenses to needy. Also, arrange for required medicines. Gurudwara has been organizing Blood Donation Camps on the regular basis and every year besides donating food to The Food Bank, we fundraise on the auspicious occasion of Guru Nanak Ji birthday to the tune of $60,000 to $80,000 to donate to The Food Bank.
We also help the people in distress with funeral expenses. Every year, we celebrate Christmas and New Year with homeless. Our volunteers played very important role during Fort McMurray wildfire by providing free ride, food and other essentials.
What Sikh temple is doing to refrain youth from Club culture and Drug/alcohol abuse?
We organize youth camps on a regular basis to ensure that our youth remain focussed and glued to our rich heritage and culture. Recently, we have recruited the Principal of Punjabi School who has been born and raised in Canada and fully understands both cultures. Soon, we will be starting counselling sessions.
Some Indo-Canadian politicians are using religion and religious places for political mileage. What are your views?
We definitely need good politicians to serve public. However, our Dharam Sthan cannot align with any political party and its representatives. Of course, we allow probable to get introduced to Sangat and exchange greetings.
Many inter-caste/religion/racial marriages are taking place. How you react to this situation?
World is in for big change. I have personal belief that possibility of successful marriage is more in own culture. We do our best to ensure the norms of Shaddi are very well explained for all the marriages solemnized at Sikh Temple. However, at the end of the day, its happiness of both the partners which prevail upon and carry paramount importance.
Your regret in life
“Jahan Jaaye Wahan Sahela” The whole world is Global village. We can find happiness and eternal peace in any part of the world with our deeds and good Karma.
Pick any one of your the best achievements
My aim of life is to serve humanity and I feel achieving this gives me great kick. Also, I will keep on pondering that our youth should be flag bearer of our rich culture.
Were you ever discriminated?
Hmmm. Not really.
What you miss in Canada?
Our roots back home. My regular obeisance at Golden Temple and Gurudwara Fatehgarh Sahib. Teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and the martyrdom of Chhotte Sahibzade of Guru Gobind Singh Ji who were bricked-up alive in 1705 will always guide us to tread the path of truthfulness and humility.
Are you happy in Canada?
Avenues of growth and practise of human rights are unmatchable by any other country.
Any comments on Canada’s weather
Punjabis are hardworking lot. We survive from + 55 to – 55 *C. Weather is no consideration provided we get food on table.
Any comments on Canada’s culture
Canada is a bouquet of various cultures brought in by immigrants. Every society has good as well as evil. We should pick the best ones and move from there.
Are you willing to help new immigrants?
I as an individual has limited to offer. Yes, we as a team of volunteers and with the backing of our Gurudwara has every possible solution to newcomers’ issues. I have already outlined above as to what facilities we provide.
Your message for Canadians of Asian origin
Embrace and serve humanity without any consideration for caste, creed, color and sex. “Ek Pita Ekas Ke Hum Barik”. Our Gurus have adequately taught that rise above self to ensure that happiness, peace and harmony prevail upon every human being. “Nishkam” karma will lead to blissful life and grant “Moksha”

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