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Asian Star- Chander Anand

Asian Star- Chander Anand
Chander Anand

Native Village/Country and Parent’s Background:
I am from Jalandhar, one of the big cities in northern state of India, Punjab. Our family business in Jalandhar is selling and distribution of books, stationary and other educational supplies. My father founded this business after partition of India (into India and Pakistan) in 1947 when the whole family had to move from Lahore (now in Pakistan) to Jalandhar.
Your Early Education:
I completed my graduation in Commerce (Bachelor of Commerce) in the year 1977 from D.A.V. College, Jalandhar. This college is one of the largest and oldest academic center of North India.
When & Why You came to Canada:
I, along with my family, came to Canada in Jun 2007. Among various reasons for coming to Canada, the main reason was my dream to have a bright and prosperous future for my kids. Canada has a lot of opportunities to grow if you have a vision and right set of skills. Adding to this, other reasons for choosing Canada as my home, were to live in a place with clean natural air, better living standards and crime free environment. Canada has the advantage of people from various cultures living peacefully, mingling, and understanding each other very well.
Your career advancement initiatives, volunteer work and present occupation:
I was working in the Banking industry in India for over 28 years before moving to Canada. Financial industry has always been my passion. I am truly fortunate to get to work in the same field here in Canada since 2008. Currently, I have been working with TD Canada Trust for over 10 years as Account Manager Small Business.
I find happiness in involving myself in the community work. Over the years, I volunteered to serve the community through different organizations like Hindu Society of Alberta, Food Bank, JDRF, United Way (Each One Teach One).
Your Regret in Life:
I believe in the Theory of Karma which says do your part honestly not thinking about the rewards. By following this teaching of Krishna, the God, I do not have any regret in life. One should accept that whatever happens in your life, that is best for you.

Pick Any One of Your Best Achievements:
Based on my performance, I got many rewards, appreciation, and accolades from the Bank. I won Annual Champions Award in the year 2014, 2018 and 2019.
Were You Ever Discriminated?
I never felt discriminated in Canada. On the contrary, I got lot of love and respect from people around me where I live and work.
Are You Happy in Canada?
Yes, I am incredibly happy to move to such an amazing country. I am proud to be a Canadian.
Any Comments on Canada’s Culture:
Canada is having a variety of cultures integrated together like a garland with different colored flowers. All the immigrants who came from various cultures around the world live together very peacefully with love and respect for each other.
Any Comments on Canada’s Weather:
I have settled myself with family in Edmonton since we came in 2007. Over all these years, we are now used to and enjoy all types of weather, may it be summer, beautiful spring or extreme cold winters along with snow although spring and summers are the most enjoyable. The weather has changed a lot for the last many years due to global warming.
What Brought You Success in Canada?
Hard work, consistency, commitment, long term vision and on top of all these, involving in the community helped me to have success.
Are You Willing to Help New Immigrants and How?
I am happy to help new immigrants in whatever way I can. As I said earlier, financing/banking is my passion, I can advise and guide on banking and financial matters.
Your Message for Canadians of Asian Origin:
My sincere advice to all the immigrants is to work hard, use and improve upon your existing skills, learn new things and work consistently on your dreams which brought you to Canada and success will be yours. Make Canada your country, it has lots of opportunities to grow and prosper, the only thing you need is the right set of skills, hard work and long term vision.

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