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Asian Star- Arvind Gupta

ARVIND GUPTA Native Village/ Country, parents’ background
Jammu, India. Father retired as Civil Engineer and mother was a school teacher
Your early education
B Com, MBA, MCA, Diploma in Export Management, Diploma in Labour education policy
When & why you came to Canada?
2007, for better career opportunities
What you did for initial survival?
Worked briefly in Computer Store
Your career advancement initiatives and present occupation
I equipped myself with an in depth knowledge of automobiles. Presently, I am General Sales Manager with Freedom Ford, the 2016 Ford Dealer of the Year rated by DealerRater.ca
Your regret in life
No regrets
Pick any one of your the best achievements
I sold 53 Cars in one month which is an unbroken record of North America Car Industry as on today
Were you ever discriminated?
What you miss in Canada?
My extended family and friends back home
Are you happy in Canada?
I am better placed to serve my dear ones as well as communities
Any comments on Canada’s weather
Winters are really depressing. One has to adjust looking into overall gains
Any comments on Canada’s culture
Of course, this is different world than India. It is all individual’s perceptions how you adopt it
What brought you success in Canada?
Hard work, work ethics, elders’ blessings and an unflinching support of my significant half, Shivani
Are you willing to help new immigrants?
Every time
I go extra mile to get best deal for immigrants and new comers and help them with an immediate transportation needs. Also, I line up job for our folks having right kind of skill sets
Your message for Asians of Canada
Must adopt this country and be part of mainstream to avail abundant growth opportunities. Demonstrate work ethics, fellow feelings and sincerity towards our people who look forward to you for genuine help

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