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Asian Star- Arvind Aery

Asian Star- Arvind Aery

Native Village/Country parent’s background

I was born and raised in New Delhi. However, my ancestral village is Bakapur, District Nawanshahr, Punjab, India. My parents were Government servants, Father served as Indian Government employee, and my mother was a public school teacher.

Your Early Education

I went to Navyug School in New Delhi, completed my Bachelors from Delhi University, and then an MBA from GuruKul Kangri University, Haridwar.

When & Why You came to Canada

I came to Canada in 2000 to available better Career opportunities, and the improved quality of life.

Your career advancement initiatives, volunteer work and present occupation

As like others, I did odd jobs initially in order to support my family. I went through career advancements in the Customer Service field and gradually established my own business. As regards my volunteer work, I with my associates started organising Ram Leela since 2005 and gradually got more involved in the Bhartiya Cultural Society of Alberta. I began as an auditor, filled many Board positions over the last many years, and am now the President of BCSA.

Your Regret in Life

All of my experiences in life have allowed me to grow and change as a person, and I don’t regret anything in particular.

Pick Any One of Your Best Achievements

I would state that bringing up excelling kids taking care of my family is my greatest achievement and success.

Were You Ever Discriminated?

My experience has been very welcoming and I have not been discriminated against for my values, beliefs or skin tone and for that matter, I give full credit to Canadian values. 

Are You Happy in Canada?

Yes. I appreciate the level play ground for everyone in Canada and humongous opportunities available. I also enjoy spending time with my family and friends in our multicultural society.

Any Comments on Canada’s Culture

I applaud the diversity and multiculturalism that is so valued here in Canada, and the overall welcoming and accepting environment.

Any Comments on Canada’s Weather

The winters are definitely tough but the summers are always full of excitement and enable to enjoy the pristine natural beauty of various parts of Canada. We are blessed being in Alberta with a close proximity to Rocky Mountains and BC.

What Brought You Success in Canada?

I value honesty and hard work above all when it comes to being successful.

I am grateful for the blessings from almighty and parents. I must acknowledge the constant support I receive from my wife and family which enable me to thrive.

Are You Willing to Help New Immigrants and How?

I always make sure to support new Canadians through employment at my business, and also want everyone to know that BCSA is always a welcoming organisation for newcomers. We celebrate all the festivities that are well known back home in India to create a home away from home.

Your Message for Canadians of Asian Origin

We are so fortunate to be in a place as diverse as Canada, where people from all backgrounds and beliefs are treated equally. It is important we do our part to strengthen our community and involve everyone in our celebrations to spread Universal brotherhood and pass the baton to our coming generations.

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