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Asian Star- Anjana Babbar

Anjana Babbar

Native village/Country, parent’s background

Ambala City, Haryana, India. Mother served as a Registered Nurse and Father is a businessman.

 Your early education

I completed bachelors with Biology as majors and M.Sc. (Hons) in Anthropology, Degree in French Language, CCPE Accreditation course Canada, 11 years of dance training in Kathak, North Indian Folk dances & Bollywood under my esteemed  Guru.

When & why you came to Canada?

I immigrated in 2004 along with my husband for better job prospects.

What you did for initial survival?

I was very fortunate that I got my 1st job within the first 10 days of landing in Canada with a National Healthcare Service providing company. I stayed with the same employer for 7 years in various roles and for the last 3 years as ‘Recruiter and Trainer’ for physicians, nurses, lab techs, nuclear medicine radio techs in Alberta and NWT.

Your career advancement initiatives and present occupation

My career has followed an unconventional, eventful and exciting path. Dancing has always been my passion and also, I have an inclination towards teaching and special interest in Human anatomy and physiology. I entered the Corporate world as a ‘Scientific Services Officer’ in the Cardiac Task Force of a French multinational followed by ‘Cultural Officer’ with culture centre of French embassy to ‘Recruiter and Trainer’ in Canada. Although I’ve served diverse positions but people connect, communication and teaching was a constant thread in my professional life. This vast and dynamic work experience kind of prepared me for the next chapter in my life when I decided to pursue my passion and share my talents through my dance school ‘Jeevan Gopal Dance Academy’ with a triple fold objective of training the aspiring dancers, enriching the cultural scene in Alberta through our colourful cultural performances and serving the community by volunteering in various events around town.

Your regret in life

I savour this journey called ‘Life’. No regrets only life experiences… The way I was raised, the education and opportunities that I’ve had and all the circumstances that unfolded chiselled me what I am today. In Maya Angelou’s words “I wouldn’t take nothing from my journey” I feel blessed.

Pick any one of your the best achievements

I was always an ‘A’ student excelled in academics, won every single dance competition I ever participated in and was a star performer in my professional career.  These achievements enabled me to create a niche for myself both in India and Canada. As a dance teacher it was a proud moment when two of my students won the Sony TV Boogie Woogie (duets).

Were you ever discriminated?

Never ever. Infect, I was always praised and admired by my Canadian friends and colleagues for who have been very helpful, cooperative and welcoming.

What you miss in Canada?

I grew up in a close knit loving family where we communicated with our parents, grand-parents and siblings even neighbours in close proximity. We never ate, played, laughed or cried alone. For us entertainment was in relating and joining in, unlike here where people live inside a bubble of technology. I miss those warm connections.

Are you happy in Canada?



 It is truly one of the most liveable countries in the world providing unmatched quality of Life. My family’s togetherness, my passion for dancing, teaching and reading, my involvement in different projects, my volunteering with various associations and supportive communities culminate into boundless happiness.

Any comments on Canada’s weather

 Beautiful spring brings hope for summers & gorgeous summers ring in tons of fun festivals. Autumn offers the spectacular fall foliage and winter doesn’t hold the Canadians back. It’s incredible.

Any comments on Canada’s culture

I find Canadian cultural mosaic is rich, diverse and unique.

What brought you success in Canada?

My vast and enriching academic and professional experience from back home coupled with God’s grace, family support, friends’ and community encouragement shaped me what am I today.

Are you willing to help new immigrants?



By providing a platform where they can connect with their culture, music and dance enhancing confidence which in turn helps in their faster integration into the main stream.  ‘Jeevan Gopal Dance Academy’ is having a positive influence on children and adults alike.

Your message for Canadians of Asian origin

Respect your parents. Make use of the opportunities Canada has to offer. Take the flight of your dreams but stay connected to your roots which will nourish the very fabric of your life.

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