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Asia Star- Sagar Lunawat

Native village/ Country and background:
I hail from Education capital of India, City of Pune (Poona). My dad (Late Mr. Narendra Lunawat) was my role model and he was an Income-tax inspector with local Municipal Corporation and my mom (Mrs. Chhaya Lunawat) was a housewife. My mom did her job by being there for everyone and he is the reason why me and my siblings are successful today.
Education: I was always curious bout design, engineering and technology and hence I pursued my education in Engineering at University of Pune, India. My major was Chemical/process engineering.
When and why did you move to Canada?
I moved to Canada in 2010 alone. I was invited by Provincial Government on Alberta Innovates Technology grant to pursue research and masters degree at University of Alberta. I was all ready to move to US but the opportunity to move to Canada was just really great and I could not deny it. Its funny, I always thought Canada has just tow major cities Toronto and Vancouver and nothing in the middle. I had to do all my homework before moving to Alberta and bone chilling cold.
Your career advancement initiatives and present occupation:
I have a consulting firm called Lunatech Consulting under which me and my better half Sweta provides engineering and other consulting solutions to our clientele. The services we provide includes from Design engineering of a chemical plant, product to website/app/software development. I believe on “One stop shop” approach. Recently we got our new start up as Speaking Roses Alberta which is patented technology ready to serve Alberta market. I would like you to visit our website at www.lunatech.ca and www.speakingrosesalberta.com.
Besides, my technical career I am passionate about events, signing and community involvement. You might spot me at various events in City of Edmonton either as an emcee or managing event. I am also VP events for Jain Society of Alberta.
Your regret in life:
I don’t have any regrets, but I believe everything conflict can be dealt with differently and calmly.
Pick any one-off you’re the best achievements:
I always believe every day you achieve something. Anhonest day of work and a good laugh with friends/family is the greatest achievement for any man. If I still want to pick one achievement, which will be the invitation that I received from provincial government to move to Canada for research as only handful candidates throughout the world get selected for this grant. Everyone in my family, friends felt very proud about me and I got an opportunity to make an international footprint.
Were you every discriminated:
I personally never felt being discriminated but I have very strong feeling about discrimination and racism. If I get an opportunity, I want to start a chapter where people can communicate freely.
What do you miss in Canada?
We always say,” family comes first” and that’s what I miss here in Canada. I moved to Canada alone and I wish to bring my whole family once here to visit me. Secondly, I miss the street food of Pune and Mumbai. I wish there was a Khau Galli (Street food lane) here in Edmonton.
Are you happy in Canada? Why?
I proudly call Edmonton, Canada as my home. This country helped me to realise the potential that I have and connected me with friends/families that I call second family. Canada is one of the happiest countries in the world and I am happy make my contribution.

Your take on Canada’s weather:
I come from a city where the summer is +40 C and winter is + 18 C so yes, the first winter was a horrible experience but since then I enjoy the changes in weather here and it makes me to value summer and greenery which I never did back home. You can do lots of activities in summer and in winter.
Any comments on Canada’s culture:
Canada makes every new immigrant feel at home and I like it. The culture is open and accepting but I feel some people are taking disadvantage of that.
Canada allows you to practise your faith, religion no matter which country you moved from and that is very important for healthy life and mind.
What brought you success in Canada?
No matter where you are in world if you have ethics then you will get success and that’s what my mom and dad always taught me. I always make sure that I am behaving ethically and with an open mind. Technically there are a lot of challenges but if you keep doing a great job then success will knock on your door.
My better half Sweta helps me to be a better person every day and that brings more success as a human being. One skill I have developed over the last one is year is to have more patience and smile on my face and thanks to my little one Aaria for teaching your papa.
Are you willing to help new comers?
I am always ready to help every new comer. I volunteered at ERIEC (Edmonton Region Immigrant Employment Council) and helping new comer to help with developing new skills. I am also involved with APEGA (Association of Professional Engineers in Alberta) by participating in mentor program.
Your message for Canadians of Asian origin:
Never forget your roots. No matter where you come from or where you are today just be open, dream big, help others and respect elderly. Canada is your home so make sure you contribute to the success of your city and your country, Canada.

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