1. When should you buy Super Visa Insurance?
Once you are ready with your other documents required for super visa application, you can contact us to get a quote for your super visa insurance.

2. How many type of plans are in super visa insurance?
There are 2 plans in super visa insurance:
Plan A- Without any pre-existing health conditions covered.
Plan B- With any pre-existing conditions covered.

3. What are pre-existing medical conditions?
If an insured is taking medication for any health condition or ever had any health condition in the past, then they should choose the plan which covers that pre-existing condition which is stable for the duration of 90 days, 120 days or 180 days depending on the company they are buying the insurance from.

4. Maximum coverage period required to buy super visa insurance?
According to CIC requirements you need to buy 1 year of health insurance coverage.

5. Canada Immigration (CIC) requirements?
Ensure that the CIC requirements are carefully reviewed and met. These requirements include a coverage of $100,000 with 365 days of total health insurance coverage from a Canadian Insurance company.

6. What is a “Free Look Period”?
Some companies afford the right to look and review the policy for free for 10 days. If for any reason within the period of 10 days you change your mind and would want to cancel the insurance policy; that could be done with no questions and full premium paid will be refunded provided the policy is not effective.

7. What are the deductible options?
Like any other insurance policy, deductible is what you will be required to pay out of your pocket if there is a claim against the policy. The higher deductible option you choose, the lower the premium is. Most popular four deductible options are $ 1000, &500, $250, $0.

8. Importance of service by the agent/broker?
One of the most important feature of the super visa insurance provider is the service. After the purchase of the insurance policy your insurance provider should follow up with you with the effective date change; deductible change, refund process on early return & claim application. The purchase of the insurance policy should establish a long-term business relationship between you and your insurance agent/broker.

9. Is there any refund on the premiums paid on early return of the insured person?
If there is an early return of the insured person that means if the insured person went back home before the completion of the insurance policy and if there was no claim registered with the insurance company at the time when insured was in Canada, the client gets refund on the days the insured was not in Canada and he returned early.
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