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Sunny Singh- Real and Reel Hero

Sunny Singh (Real name Amarpal Singh) has swept the world of Martial Arts and Hollywood.
A former Law Enforcement Officer(Sheriff) and Taekwondo Maven, was recently honored for his Taekwondo skills with a Legends Of Martial Arts Masters and Action Martial Arts Hall Of Honors Award of the year award in California from Hollywood Actress CYNTHIA ROHTROCK.
Also, he received a life time achievement award from the Former President Obama Administration. Sunny Singh is proudly representing Canada in the Hollywood scene as a Three-time World Police Games Gold Medalist. In the Past Sunny Singh Competed for England as well many years. Sunny competed in more than 200 Championships nationally and internationally.
Sunny holds dual citizenship, as a Canadian and British national having emigrated to Canada (CALGARY) from the United Kingdom in 2005. He has travelled across the World.
Sunny Singh’s target is to use his Martial arts skills to become a well-known Martial arts action actor.
Sunny completed various projects and also working on various projects in Canadian and British Action films.
In a Movie called JUN, Sunny played the role of an assassin.
In REPLECAN he played Negative lead role and Fight Chirographer. However he is shifting to negative role and fight chirographer in Pollywood and Bollywood films.
Sunny is VIP Nominated for Action Celebrity of the year in Italy Venice on Martial Hero Awards being held in October 2018 and subsequently VIP Nomination in USA Atlantic City NJ in January 2019
He is also being bestowed 12th Munich Hall of Honors Nomination in Germany in April, 2019.
Kudos Sunny Singh and we are sure, you will be role model to very many youngsters who want to lead meaningful life.


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