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Spot On Indo Chinese Cuisine at Masala Wok


Mary Thomas

Masala Wok originally opened by Mr. ShymalRahain 2006 wasrefurbished and renewed at the able hands of young and enthusiastic owner, Richa Vashisht in 2012. At an early age, Richa would serve imaginary chai to family and friends displaying her interest in food. She is a versatile young lady whose parents have been teachers and she herself has a Pharmacy degree. As a family run business, the dishes at Masala Wok seem pretty authentic with a nice variety offusion dishes not available elsewhere. As we stepped in, the simple and clean décor calmedthe senses, we were welcomed by Richa’s parents. Fresh lime soda reminiscent of Jaljeera set us off on a tastebud popping trip through a diverse supper feast. Crispy chilly babycorn was a first for my palate and truly a dish, I would recommend to all lovers of IndoChinese cuisine. Sizzlers were something, I relished in Mumbai and was pleased to be served the Mixed Sizzler with vegetables, Chicken, Rice and Noodles; a treat indeed. KangPao Chicken, an interesting dish but didn’t feel very unique on the tongue as did the Chilly Masala Fish. The Indo Chinese food at Masala Wok raised my spirits as I gently savoured every morsel. I probably wiped down more than I would otherwise. Then came the Mutton Biriyani, which surprised me by the taste and flavour, though the pieces could have been a tad bit tender and the rice a little tighter. Chill down with a beer or any type of alcohol from their well-stocked bar. The customer service made us very much at home and I can safely recommend this restaurant when you are looking for a place to eat well, feel sated, relax and calm your nerves with family or friends.

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