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Shivpal Yadav’s name missing from Mulayam’s must-have list of Samajwadi Party candidates to son Akhilesh?

5Lucknow: A day after the Election Commission ruled in his favour, the newly appointed Samajwadi Party national president, Akhilesh Yadav went to seek the blessings of his father and Samajwadi Party founder Mulayam at the latter’s residence here on Tuesday.
During the father-son meeting, a list was handed over to the young Chief Minister by his father which contained the names of most indispensable leaders of the party which are to be fielded in the upcoming assembly elections across the state.
Interestingly, the list excluded the name of Shivpal Yadav – Mulayam’s younger brother and a powerful figure in the party, claimed NDTV.
Though Shivpal, who has been in the centre of a bitter power tussle with Akhilesh, found no mention in that list, his son Aditya’s name appeared among the probable candidates suggested by none other than the party patriarch himself, which ”can’t be overlooked.”
According to the report, the list contains the name of at least 38 candidates which Akhilesh has been asked to field in the upcoming elections.
With father seems to be tilting towards his son, it is still unclear as to what will be Shivpal Yadav’s next move now.
Shivpal, who is Mulayam Singh’s younger brother and trusted counsel, has been at odds with his nephew and young Chief Minister over control on the party and distribution of party tickets.
It has also emerged that the 77-year-old SP patriarch has warned Akhilesh that he wants Mulayam Singh’s support, he must accept the names suggested by him.
The ageing SP founder has not yet commented on whether he will now form a new party to contest against his son in Uttar Pradesh, where voting begins next month.
To circumvent that possibility, Akhilesh  Yadav has met him twice in the last 12 hours.
When quizzed by reporters, Akhilesh said that he went to seek “Netaji’s blessing.”

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