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Tastebuds: For Authentic Hyderabadi Cuisine

Tastebuds: For Authentic Hyderabadi Cuisine

As we walked into this unassuming little space tucked away in Riverbend, we were greeted enthusiastically by Masih and his wife, Tazin Mohammad. A line up of customers gathered their many Take away orders and Masih cheerfully engaged each one before he turned his attention to us. A beautiful smile lit up his whole face as he related how his culinary journey began way before the restaurant opened May 1, 2015. He did his training in Hotel Management in Hyderabad and worked at some leading chain hotels as F&B Manager before he realised he’d rather work for himself. 

Lakhni Beef Kabab 

He spoke energetically about the patience required for authentic Hyderabadi food as he served the starters: Lakhni Beef Kabab Chini, Shammi Mutton Kababs and Chicken 65.

Shammi Mutton Kababs

This was followed by the most delicious Hyderabadi Biriyani with the dahi ki chatni and mirch ka salan.

Hyderabadi Biriyani

A falooda with rose syrup, basil seeds and icecream made in a base of yogurt settled the tummy.

Falooda with Rose Syrup

Desserts came in doubles: Double ka meetha with a richer flavour than Shahi Tukda and Ananas Kheer. 

Double ka meetha

Each recipe was unique and specially flavoured to reflect the tastes of his childhood. As we ate and relished each morsel, the pride and joy on Masih’s face just grew by leaps and bounds. We left with not just our stomachs but our hearts full! As my friend quipped, “If you haven’t tasted Masih’s Biriyani, you have not tasted anything!” Surprise your family one evening by getting them a take-out of the yummiest Biriyani in town. 

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