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Rise in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence in 2021- The New Indian Express

Rise in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence in 2021- The New Indian Express

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The Turing Test is a method devised by British mathematical savant (and WWII hero) Alan Turing for determining whether or not a computer is capable of thinking like a human being, basically artificial intelligence.

While we may not have reached the point of Singularity (where machines outmatch us in general/overall intelligence) yet, if we go by Turing, today’s tech, with all its Machine Learning (ML) and more, will be ready to ace that test soon.

Almost all the products and services that we use in our day-today lives are now powered by AI and ML.

With 2020 having provided an impetus for digital solutions to so much of daily living, according to experts, 2021 will be where all that learning (ours as well as the machines’) will come to bear.

Maaz Ansari, Co-Founder and Ceo, ORI

For 2021, our focus will be on building bots for revenue acceleration, resulting in better marketing ROI and RoAS for brands. With deep learning and intent mapping capabilities, these marketing bots will help brands drive conversions and manage the entire sales cycles from discovery to conversion, all via a single touch-point.

Sudhanshu Gupta, COO, Paytm First Games

AI and ML technologies can significantly revolutionise online gaming. These improve user experience by analysing gamers’ actions and offer a more personalised experience. This includes giving in-depth game recommendations, an immersive gaming experience, and smarter gameplay. We use AI where most user requests are fulfilled by a live chat service. In 2021, the mobile gaming industry in India will use such technologies to fuel faster response and save operational costs.

Abhishek Kumar, Regional Director, Oncam

What comes to mind with regard to AI and video is the abundance of data. As cameras are built on more powerful SoCs, they can generate data-rich video streams, which can be used to make more informed decisions at the business level and improve practices based on the gained insights. The more ML is developed, the more these actions can be automated with better analytics. In the current times, there is also the possibility of using video and AI for automatic detection of social distance measures alongside other use cases.

Aankit Roy, Co-Founder and CTO, Khabri

In 2021, Federated Learning and Transformers’ seem to be on trend in AI. Two major challenges
tech companies have been trying to address are security with the risk of a privacy breach, and the
low processing speed of language models. Federated Learning looks to solve data privacy, which will train AI models on personal data distributed across billions of mobile devices. And Transformers’ enable parallel processing of words, which in turn increases computational speed for language models.

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