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Men, here’s your guide to summer trouser trends

Men, here’s your guide to summer trouser trends

The majority of us have spent most of our time at home in the last one and a half years. Virtual meetings and WFH (work from home) became the new normal. This even led to many of us overhauling our closets, with loungewear becoming a substantial part of it. But don’t be disheartened, the time to revamp your closets for workwear and party essentials will surely come.

Until then, keep yourself updated with the latest in trouser trends, courtesy of Dhruv Toshniwal, founder, The Pant Project.

Here are five megatrends for the season.

Stretch cotton summer chinos in pastel colours

The heat is on the rise. A pair of soft, breathable chinos with stretch for comfort and a pastel colour palette for a laid-back vibe is all you need to temper the degrees. We recommend opting for a range of cotton fabrics that are easy to care for with excellent durability to tame the heat and leave you feeling breezy and relaxed. Shades like pistachio, ecru, Spanish grey, baby pink, lemon, jade, and lavender are perfect for summer brunches, paired with short-sleeved collared button-downs or a crisp polo tee and a relaxed set of loafers. Smart, casual, comfortable, and effortless – that’s a cheat code to beat the summer heat in style.

All-weather featherlight wool

Formal meetings demand a dressier you. Traditionally, wool would be the ideal luxury fabric for its rich texture and premium hand feel. With the latest advances in tailoring and fabric innovation, wool has become an all-weather, soft, and desirable option for pants. A wardrobe essential, the featherlight weight on wool trousers, and all-weather temperature control finishes, in addition to the natural breathability of wool as a fiber, make it the perfect choice for a professional meeting (or even dinner with friends or family). Wool is luxurious when touched and subtle to style – available in a variety of colours and shades ranging from light huesfor the day, and darker shades for evenings, you can dress wool formal pants up or down and pair them with contrasting top-wear to match your daily events.

100 per cent luxury linen brunch pants

The quintessential summer fabric, linen is your go-to for a well-tailored pair of pants. Neutral earthy colours, or subtle shades of blue and white, can allow you to curate your wardrobe for tropical conditions and beachy feels. A natural fiber, linen is tough and durable, breathable, and sustainable. Linen pants can be worn loosely fitting with a crew neck of your choice, or in a tapered fitting with a crisp shirt; elegant for a social brunch or a professional lunch. You can always pair a darker shade of linens with a dressy shirt and blazer for your formal events.

ayushmann khurrana Looking for some comfortable trousers? (Source: Ayushmann Khurrana/Isha Bhansali/Instagram)

Four-way power stretch knits

Four-way power stretch knits in cotton blends, or poly-viscose blends, infused with generous amounts of lycra for more than 20-30 per cent stretch in each direction, are the go-to wardrobe pick for your busy summer days.

These pants are sure to stay breathable during active movement; and there is absolutely no loss of perfect shape and cut to these pants, regardless of the activity that you may be performing. A best friend to the on-the-go man, these pants can also be tailored to a higher cut at the ankle for a casual ensemble. Pair with a smart tee and sneakers, and steal the show.

Elastic waistband drawstring joggers

Athleisure is the anthem of apparel in today’s time. We are all looking for breathable fabrics for our workout essentials. Joggers are the new uniform and for good reason. So, whether it’s the grocery run, a travel journey or simply a day to lounge at home, elasticated waistbands for flexi-fit on drawstring joggers offer unparalleled flexibility and comfort. A loosely fitting tee and flip-flops paired with joggers are essentials to the ultimate laid-back life!

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