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Google to show customised Play Store ratings based on users’ country and device

Google to show customised Play Store ratings based on users’ country and device

Google will begin a multi-quarter programme of improvements to make ratings on Play Store more personalised by showing ratings to individual users based on the country they’re registered in and the device that they’re using.

“Starting in November 2021, we’re going to change the ratings that individual users see based on where they’re registered, and later in the year what device they’re using,” the tech giant announced in a post on the Android Developers Blog.

From November, users on phones will see specific ratings for the country or region that they’re based in.

Starting early 2022, Google will further update ratings to reflect the device type users are browsing Play on, whether it’s tablets and foldables, Chrome OS, Wear, or Auto.

“This will give users a better impression of the experience that they can expect for the device they’re using,” it said.

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The changes have been made based on feedback from both Play Store users and developers that ratings and reviews could be more helpful.

“This is especially true when ratings from one area unfairly impact another — like when a bug that only impacted a single country negatively affects the app’s rating everywhere; or when positive improvements in a tablet experience are overlooked because of the number of users on phones,” it further explained.

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The tech giant will inform developers that will be impacted by the changes.

Enhancements to Play Console

“At least 10 weeks before any change in Play Store, we’ll automatically analyse the change your app can expect to see and reach out to any developer that will see a change of more that 0.2 stars on any device type in a key market (one with >5% of your store listing visitors),” it said.

It is also making certain enhancements to Play Console, including the addition of new Device Type dimensions to the ratings page, a Device Type filter to reviews along with access to more granular data over longer periods of time. It has also made data download for average data and rating distributions easier for developers.

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