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Solar-powered airplane lands in New York City

Solar Plane

NEW YORK (AP) – A solar-powered airplane has landed in New York City on the latest leg of its globe-circling voyage. The Swiss-made Solar Impulse 2 soared over the Statue of Liberty and flew into New York City, before landing at John F. Kennedy International Airport early Saturday morning. It …

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Lenovo, Google unveil phone that knows its way around a room

Room Sensing Phone

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – A Lenovo smartphone unveiled Thursday will be clever enough to grasp your physical surroundings – such as the room’s size and the presence of other people – and potentially transform how we interact with e-commerce, education and gaming. Today’s smartphones track location through GPS and cell …

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Beijing tracks the elderly as they take buses, go shopping

China Tracking The Elderly

BEIJING (AP) – These days, when people over 80 in Beijing take a bus, see a doctor or spend money, their activities are digitally tracked by the government, as part of an effort to improve services for the country’s rapidly growing elderly population. The data amassed with each swipe of …

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Cellphone radiation study raises concerns despite low risk

Cell Phone Tumors

WASHINGTON (AP) – A new federal study of the potential dangers of cellphone radiation, conducted in rats, found a slight increase in brain tumors in males and raised long-dormant concerns about the safety of spending so much time with cellphones glued to our ears. But the study had enough strange …

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Jury sides with Google in battle over Android software

Android Trial

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – Google’s Android software just dodged a $9 billion bullet. A federal jury found Thursday that Google didn’t need permission to use a rival’s programming tools as it built Android – now the world’s leading smartphone operating software and a key part of Google’s multi-billion dollar Internet …

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Facebook drops news outlet input in ‘trending topics’ review

Mark Zuckerberg

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Facebook says it is dropping its reliance on news outlets to help determine what gets posted as a “trending topic” on the giant social network, a move adopted after a backlash over a report saying it suppressed conservative views. Facebook’s General Counsel Colin Stretch outlined the …

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Experts say perfect security is elusive at all airports

France Egypt Plane

PARIS (AP) – Explosives in the form of paper, or concealed in a medicine-sized bottle and looking like salt. Tiny electric detonators. Security agents at the main airport in Paris are trained to detect all manner of increasingly sophisticated devices that could doom a flight. But the chilling reality is …

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Workolo business dating app launched


CHENNAI: Workolo, a part of Sree Gokulam group of companies, on Wednesday launched an app to bridge the gap between employers and employees, and producers and consumers. The Workolo App is designed in a chat format to facilitate easy communication between users. A user can select employers based on various …

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Why Apple plunked $1 billion into Chinese ride-hailing

China Apple Didi Chuxing

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Apple new $1 billion investment in the Chinese ride-hailing service Didi Chuxing is as much about currying favor with regulators as directly expanding its own business, analysts said. Apple might need the help; it faces slowing iPhone sales and tougher restrictions on its services in the …

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