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Asian Star- Savita Singh

Asian Star- Savita Singh

Native Village/Country

I was born at New Delhi, India and raised at the adjoining city Noida, (Uttar Pradesh), India.  

Your Early Education  

Coming from a sports background family, I was always focused and busy practicing from sunrise to sunset. Whether it was Athletics and Team sports, I represented at inter school, college and state level, and bagged many medals. Academically I completed my graduations in Bachelors of arts and after my 1st job I decided to get MBA for better advancement and career options. 

When and why did you immigrated to Canada?  

I immigrated in 2014 and like all to avail myself the humongous growth opportunities. 

Your career advancement initiatives, volunteer work and present occupation

When I was in India I worked with Toyota dealership and a Beverages manufacturing plant. During my initial settlement years in Canada, I faced few hardships which lead me to opt different career. I decided to study Social work so that I can pay back the support and kindness I received. Eventually volunteered with several non- profits. And I continue to that even today by making sure to make time, even involved in my family too. I work as a counselor with an Immigrant serving non- profit agency in Calgary. For 6 years I have worked and volunteered with non-profit as well as shelters. I can happily say that I am in a field where I get opportunity to serve people, where I get to learn everyday, my life gets enriched with the diverse experiences and values of all people I meet. 

Your Regret in Life

I wouldn’t say regret of life. However, I do regret not to prepare myself adequately before coming to Canada and taking time to understand what to expect (weather, food, people, Canadian culture). 

Pick Any One of Your Best Achievements

My greatest achievement is that I had the courage to live and to fight for another day in Canada without necessarily giving up through the bad times nor the bad weather as many immigrants do! I am glad that I did not give up in the early years of being in Canada! I am glad that, even when I didn’t understand the system, I took time to learn it! 

Were You Ever Discriminated?

Yes, on several occasions. Based on race, color (on streets, transits, public places), my education, skills, English (in an interview I was told I was overqualified and too strong of a candidate for a managerial position and they wanted to know how long I have been in Canada because I spoke advance level of English less expected from a new comer). 

Are You Happy in Canada?

Yes, Canada has provided save heaven which I needed. It has the best support and network system. Also, it is the land of opportunities. 

Any Comments on Canada’s Culture

Canada is rich with diverse culture.  Canada is country of people comprising of various countries of color, religion, race, language, values. 

Indigenous culture is beautiful and full of knowledge and all other immigrants turn in the best of ethnicities to add tinge to multiculturalism.

Any Comments on Canada’s Weather

As I come from a tropical country, I think summers are amazing here and everyone should explore outside life here as much they can. Winters – I Love them when I am looking at it from a window but as soon as I have to step out I feel like running back to home country. 

What Brought You Success in Canada?

Being open minded, persistence, being always willing to learn more. Knowing that my culture value, education, experience is important as well as immersing in multiculturalism. I focused on the requisites of new environs and re-equipped myself. Having right support system, positive attitude, and realistic career and personal goals are the key to success.   

Are You Willing to Help New Immigrants and How? Yes, by mentoring them, providing them resources, referrals, sharing my experiences, peer support groups (Domestic violence, Self care, Parenting) 

Your Message for Canadians of Asian Origin

Canada has lot to offer, if you are willing to practise ethically. With right balance and support we can be right blend of Asian and Canadian at same time, especially our children. Create a support system for you and your loved ones. Physical and mental health is very important, it is often easily over looked or taken for granted. 

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