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Asian Star-Munesh Devani

Native village/Country, parent’s background:
I hail from Surat, Gujarat, India. My father was Bank Clerk and mother was stay home mom.
Your early education:
I did Masters in Business Management with Sales and Marketing as major.
When & why you came to Canada?
I immigrated to Canada in 2006 under Federal Nominee Program.
Your career advancement initiatives and present occupation:
I completed prerequisites of Nursing. I also wrote CSA exam of CMDRT (Certified Medical Device Reprocessing Technician). I work part time with Alberta Health Services besides running my own business of Jugo Juice and Convenience Store.
On community front, I am Founder member of Hindu Swaminarayan Temple, Edmonton, President of Music Purnima Association (Indo-Canadian Music), Edmonton, Vice President of Gujarat Cultural Society, Edmonton and Head (Western Region) of International Swaminarayan Satsang Association (ISSO), Canada.
Your regret in life:
I will regret whole life that I could not work in my field of expertise.
Pick any one of your the best achievements:
Lord Swaminarayan blessed me to take the responsibility of Founder member of Hindu Swaminarayan Temple, Edmonton and enabled me to install the temple with the great help of devotees.
Were you ever discriminated?
I ignore the straw incidents as overall, all Canadians carry love and regard for the humanity.
What you miss in Canada?
Like any other South Asian, I do miss the wonderful time with spent with our friends and an extended families back home.
Are you happy in Canada?
Every Immigrant in Canada is free bird and can reach any heights without interference. My quest to lead such life has blessed me with humungous happiness.
Any comments on Canada’s weather:
All said and done, winters are definitely harsh. You do feel the shock of your life when you land here. However, you get acclimatized with the passage of time.
Any comments on Canada’s culture
I do agree, while in Rome do as Romans do. However, the Openness of Western Society and availability of drugs is bane. Every Immigrant has Herculean task to guide young adults to remain focussed on their personal and professional goals.
What brought you success in Canada?
My sense of accomplishment is yet to be satisfied. I still carry the grudge in the corner of my heart that I have not attained for what I have dreamt.
Are you willing to help new comers?
I impart, whatever I learnt in my 12 years of stay in Edmonton/Canada and am always willing to assist with the resources at my command. I love to help with Job search and offer to act as reference.
Your message for Canadians of Asian origin:
We should shun “regionalization” of South Asians and should jointly work for the welfare of the society under big umbrella. We should never carry malice towards any human being as “Karma” plays very vital role in our lives. We should involve in local politics without involving “DESI” recipe which has no relevance in Canadian system. Proudly practise your religion. Disowning of the God gifted religion is like disowning your own parents. At the same time, welcome all diversities and be inclusive & engaged. Jai Swaminarayan.

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