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Academy of Learning Diploma Program is a Game Changer- Manuel Lligen  

My wife and I both decided to emigrate from the Philippines primarily to give our children better opportunities that will hopefully make them globally competitive.

Aside from having a family-friendly environment, Canada is an ideal country to raise our six children because of its excellent healthcare and education system.

For the first two years everything was going as planned financially but when unemployment hit me, I suddenly became aware that life can be tough here in Canada.

Depression was creeping into my system. Even though I got another job and did some volunteer work, I felt I had to do something more if I wanted to be part of the solution – and not the problem – in Canada.

Before I decided to take the Immigration Consultant Diploma Program at Academy of Learning Career College (AOLCC), there were so many doubts and questions.

Although online learning was a cheaper option, I chose AOLCC because of its friendly school environment and its classroom-type of learning.  Even though taking the program would mean additional financial burden on my family, it was a risk that I had to take.

To be honest, it was an emotional seesaw, if I were to describe my educational journey, but I completed the course.

Thanks to the constant reassuring words of the school staff.

After recently passing my RCiC Entry-to-Practice Exam, I realized the decision to pursue my studies was the wisest decision I ever made in Canada.

I know there is much to do but, with a new career ahead, I am very optimistic about my family’s future. This optimism, together with the life lessons in Canada, motivates me to fulfill my noble objective to help other people, not only to come here which is the easier part, but also to help them become the socioeconomic solution for Canada immigration.

Thanks Academy of Learning to enable to equip myself for better future.


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