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A special new spot for Indian food in #yegtown: Haweli

Desi Tadka – Mary Thomas

“Haweli” suggests a private royal residence, a place tucked deep in a palace does lend a certain
ambiance romantic and rich. As you step in, the décor with deep colours and tapestry beckon you into
another era. We meet the chef, Sanju who welcomes us into a cube, we settle into comfortably. The
owner Manny is busy elsewhere but the place seems busy. Sanju offers us a Strawberry Mojito Mocktail
which is fresh and flavourful if not for the fruit pieces on your tongue interfering with the savouring.
The entrees roll in: Shashlik Paneer Tikka and Punjabi Chicken Tikka, both doing justice to their names.
Sizzling! The first bite into the soft luscious paneer as it plays with the juices on my tongue, yumm! I take
a quick dash at the Chicken Tikka and it is as delectable. Impressive for starters. The Garlic Naan and
Tandoori Roti basket are served piping hot as the whiff assaults my nostrils with an irresistible aroma.
The Grand Trunk Road with its dhabas is famous world wide for its goat curries and now you don’t have
to travel the seven seas to sample those flavours, thanks to Haweli, you can try it right here in
#yegtown. The goat curry with the breads made our dinner totally worth our while.
The Hyderabadi Chicken Biriyani is a different story however. A little disappointing not as juicy and
luscious as I know. The Hyderabadis I know tout their biriyanis with so much pride. The Kesariya Rice
Kheer wasn’t to kill for either, I’m sure the chef could do better if he was in a better mood.
We closed with a nice hot cup of masala chai which settles any overfull tummy. You can never go wrong
with the chai here. I could’ve had a few. We could’ve critiqued more of the delectable dishes if only the
portions weren’t as large. Come to Haweli with a big appetite, especially if you plan on the buffet.
Haweli has musical nights and organises parties where families may book the place to themselves. With
their great variety to sample from, you won’t be disappointed.

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