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PM Narendra Modi slams SP-Congress in Aligarh rally, redefines VIKAS – ‘Vidyut, Kaanoon and Sadak’

6Aligarh: In a bid to garner support for BJP in Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections, PM Narendra Modi addressed a poll rally in Aligarh on Sunday.
Addressing the poll rally, PM Modi slammed Akhilesh Yadav for alliance with Congress.
“Akhilesh, Rahul joined hands because they fear that I will make strong laws and won’t spare thieves and plunderers,” PM Modi said.
Slamming power crisis in UP, PM Modi said,”Here people erupt in joy if they see power supply.”
“Aligarh’s famous locks are now used to lock factories in Aligarh itself because the govt in Lucknow doesn’t provide electricity,” PM said.
“I undertook this fight against corruption so that people especially the poor and youth get their rightful and money can be used for their welfare,” PM said.
“We’ve undertaken welfare measures for sugarcane farmers, but why is it so that UP government has not been able to look after them,” PM asked.
“For the past 70 years, 18000 villages didn’t have electricity; most of the cases were from UP, we’ve taken up work of electrification in mission mode,” PM Modi said.
“In a day 7650 crimes, 24 rapes, 21 rape attempts, 13 murders, 33 kidnappings, 19 riots and 136 thefts happen in UP,” PM Modi said slamming poor law and order in UP.
“UP doesn’t want ‘SCAM’, it wants lotus,” PM Modi said in Aligrah.
Earlier, on Saturday, in his first rally in Uttar Pradesh after polls were announced, PM Narendra Modi alleged the corrupt he had “robbed” with note-ban have ganged up to bring him down and targeted the SP-Congress alliance, saying the two parties which abused each other till recently are now locked in an embrace to save themselves.
PM Modi asked the people in Uttar Pradesh to “rid the state of SCAM – S for Samajwadi (party), C for Congress, A for Akhilesh (Yadav) and M for Mayawati”, saying they have to choose between development agenda of BJP and those who give shelter to criminals, indulge in vote bank politics and encourage land and mine mafias.
In his over-an-hour-long address in Meerut, he spoke at length about corruption, law and order and nepotism allegedly prevailing in the state as he sought people’s vote for BJP to change the state’s fate.
“It is UP which made me the Prime Minister,” Modi said, adding that he wanted to repay its debt and that he can do it only with a government that joins hands with the Centre to develop the state unlike the current dispensation which is a “hindrance” in its progress.
Attacking Congress and Samajwadi Party, he said Congress ran a campaign against the Samajwadi Party government and wondered as to what happened that both have now joined hands.
“What happened that overnight they are embracing each those who could not save themselves cannot save UP,” he said.

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