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Pakistani media hails Arvind Kejriwal as ‘hero’ for demanding proof of ‘surgical strikes’ in PoK

6New Delhi: The Pakistani media has heaped praise on Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal after he demanded the Narendra modi government to give evidence of last week’s surgical strikes by armed forces across the Line of Control during which at least seven terror launch pads were completely destroyed.
Pakistan’s publications and news channels were flooded with Kejriwal’s praises and quoted his theory of no surgical strike in PoK.
According to reports, the Pakistani media had hailed Kejriwal as a ‘hero’ for questioning the Narendra modi government’s claim about successful surgical strikes across the LoC.
In an attempt to put pressure on the NDA government, the Delhi CM had on Monday asked it to come up with proof of the cross-LoC strikes that the army said had inflicted “significant casualties” on terrorists.
Kejriwal had, however, lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi for showing the willpower to combat terrorism and urged him to expose “Pakistan’s false propaganda” about last week’s surgical strikes.
In a three-minute video, Kejriwal, who never misses a chance to criticise Modi, started by praising the army. He then hailed Modi. “I may have 100 differences with the PM, but I salute him for his willpower to combat terrorism,” the Delhi chief minister says before drawing Modi’s attention to “Pakistan’s false propaganda”.
The AAP leader says Pakistan took a bus load of foreign journalists on its side of the Line of Control to show everything was normal in the area.
“My blood started boiling on seeing the report,” Kejriwal said, referring to reports in the foreign media questioning India’s claims.
However, the video message took the BJP by surprise. Though, initially, the BJP leaders were glad that Kejriwal had too acknowledged the superiority of Narendra Modi’s leadership, but after watching the full video, they agreed that in the garb of saluting the PM, the Delhi CM actually raised doubts over the government’s narrative of the surgical strike.
Many opined that since raising questions directly about the strikes may not have gone down well with the masses, Kejriwal had questioned the military action indirectly.
Importantly, Pakistan has categorically denied India’s claims of “surgical strikes” on terror launch pads.

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