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Drugs, money missing from Halifax police exhibit vaults, audit shows

2Halifax police admitted Thursday that drugs, money and possibly weapons have gone missing from exhibit vaults.
Supt. Jim Perrin said an audit of a vault containing drug exhibits found 90 per cent of samples being sought last year couldn’t be found, and the “alarming” result prompted a closer look this year.
At a news conference Thursday, Perrin said the follow-up audit produced better results, but he said Halifax Regional Police are still looking for dozens of exhibits that may have been misplaced, destroyed or stolen.
“Ninety-per cent of audited exhibits missing in an exhibit room is alarming,” Perrin said, noting that the initial audit looked at only whether the exhibit was in the place it should have been. The subsequent audit involved a wider search.
“We have staff working on that full time to do a deeper dive into the files to see if we can locate where they are.”
Perrin said 70 of 500 exhibits sought in a sample audit are still missing. The police service has more than 10,000 in storage and along with illicit drugs, missing items could include “high-risk exhibits,” such as weapons and money, he said.
The officer said he didn’t have a list at hand.
The first audit was prompted by an investigation into the conduct of a Halifax police officer, later charged with theft, breach of trust and obstruction of justice in connection with evidence related to a drug investigation. That case is still before the courts.

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