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Trudeau praises Liberals’ achievements since taking power

1OTTAWA— Justin Trudeau summed up his first months in government with a self-congratulatory pat on the back for keeping key electoral promises to aid middle-class families.
Yet in a news conference eight months after taking power, he appeared a more wary leader than the exuberant campaigner of 2015, deflecting questions, revealing little, even refusing to reiterate certain campaign promises on tough issues still ahead.
The prime minister touted his government’s quick action to bring in an income tax cut, new child benefit and a new national plan to enhance the Canada Pension Plan, even as he conceded he’s had to remind his own ministers to pace themselves for a four-year term.
“We don’t have to accomplish everything immediately and we can’t expect to be able to accomplish everything within the first few months,” Trudeau said. “There still remains a lot to be done.”
Many of his statements were cautious declarations of good intentions or “responsible” approaches to controversies like how to replace Canada’s aging fighter jets, whether to aid Bombardier, or how to deal with Russia’s aggressive posture in Eastern Europe at an upcoming NATO summit.
He even dodged a direct answer on Montreal road diversions to protect an endangered species of frogs.
Trudeau did reveal he hopes that Britons — who will vote Thursday on whether to remain within the European Union — opt to stay.
“I’ve made no bones about the fact that I’ve always believe we’re stronger together,” Trudeau said, calling Britain a valued ally of Canada’s on the issue of free trade with Europe. “But I will allow the people of Great Britain to make their own determination.”

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