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Disney opens ‘distinctly Chinese’ Shanghai park

China Disney

SHANGHAI (AP) – Walt Disney Co. opened its Shanghai theme park Thursday, its first in mainland China, with speeches by Communist Party leaders, a Chinese children’s choir, Sleeping Beauty and other Disney characters. A Chinese vice premier joined Disney CEO Bob Iger in cutting a red ribbon as the park …

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Drug lord Palma arrested in Mexico on return from US

Mexico Drug Lord

MEXICO CITY (AP) – Drug lord Hector “El Guero” Palma, one of the founders of the Sinaloa Cartel, returned to his native Mexico after serving almost a decade in a U.S. prison and was immediately transported to another maximum-security lockup where he will await trial for two murders. U.S. authorities …

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Australian elections a bore next to US, and that’s a relief

Malcolm Turnbull, Bill Shorten

SYDNEY (AP) – The election campaign underway in Australia is often summed up by the local media with the following words: “A marathon.” ”Endless.” ”Exhausting.” That endless, exhausting marathon lasts a whopping eight weeks – an eternity for Australians who cannot conceive of the years-long campaigning Americans are subjected to …

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US hardware arrives in Cuba to protect Hemingway possessions


HAVANA (AP) – Just before noon outside Ernest Hemingway’s Havana estate, a metallic screech cut through the chirping of tropical birds and the sound of a live band entertaining tourists. An American worker pulled open one door of a 40-foot shipping container. A Cuban worker pulled open the other. Out …

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Police poised to arrest popular monk in dramatic showdown

Thailand Temple Raid

BANGKOK (AP) – Thai police entered a sprawling Buddhist temple complex Thursday, wading through thousands of devotees camped on the grounds, to arrest a popular abbot accused of embezzling $40 million. The operation at Wat Dhammakaya, a monastery north of Bangkok known as one of the wealthiest in Thailand, began …

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Father of Paris attacks victim sues social media companies

Social Media-Islamic State Group Lawsuit

NEW YORK (AP) – The father of a young woman killed in the Paris massacre last November is suing Google, Facebook and Twitter, claiming that the companies provided “material support” to extremists in violation of the law. Reynaldo Gonzalez, whose daughter Nohemi was among 130 people killed in the Paris …

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