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Asian Star-Anita Mittal

PICNative village/Country, parent’s background
Ludhiana, Punjab, India. Father owned Steel Mill, Cinema and was also into film making. Mother was stay home mom
Your early education
I did Masters with Honours in Sitar
When & why you came to Canada?
1982. I immigrated to join my significant half after marriage
Your career advancement initiatives and present occupation
On arrival, I joined my husband’s wholesale business of fashion accessories and together we created a niche for our products. I also run Sitar Soul of Music Academy
Your regret in life
I could not continue my Sitar learning under the benevolent guidance of Ustad Narinder Narula Ji of Patiala Gharana
Pick any one of your the best achievements
I won Sitar competition in Harballabh Sangeet Sammelan, Jalandhar which is the Oldest Festival of Indian Classic Music in the world
Were you ever discriminated?
None of any kind
What you miss in Canada?
I have nothing to miss
Are you happy in Canada?
For sure
Unpolluted environment, abundant growth avenues and great rewards for honesty and hard work are the blessings one can count on in Canada
Any comments on Canada’s weather
After more than three decades stay in Canada, I feel that my body and mind has acclimatized to the vagaries of the Canadian weather
Any comments on Canada’s culture
Cultures have sea changed world over which has good as well as bad effect on our wards. Tight control on kids is the only mantra to enable them to lead the meaningful life and achieve their career goals
What brought you success in Canada?
Hard work and honesty played a very important role in my life. Of course, my significant half, Chander Mittal had stood with me through thick and thin
Are you willing to help new immigrants?
We connect newcomers to prospective employers and also provide references. Besides this, we help them with whatever are their immediate needs
Your message for Canadians of South Asian origin
Always be proud of our rich heritage and culture. Believe in giving back to society whether time or money. Help the needy which will help to evolve the caring community. Practise gender equality and respect women. Be inclusive in every sphere of life

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