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Thursday Jul 24

Iraq: 60 dead in attack on prisoner convoy

BAGHDAD (AP)  Gunmen attacked a prisoner convoy north of Baghdad on Thursday, setting off a gunbattle with troops in which 52 prisoners and eight soldiers were killed, officials said.
The attack came as Iraq's parliament was set to elect a president, part of a troubled political transition that has seen repeated delays despite the lightning advance of Sunni militants across much of northern and western Iraq last month.
U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon arrived in Baghdad earlier Thursday to encourage lawmakers to form a more inclusive government that can address the crisis.

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Israeli border towns empty, adjust to new threats

NIR AM, Israel (AP)  With deadly fighting raging next door in the Gaza Strip, southern Israeli towns along the border have turned into mini army bases as most residents have fled.
Those left behind say they are long inured to near-daily salvos of rocket fire from Gaza but newly discovered tunnels that have been dug by Islamic militants nearby have them spooked.
"It's changed our viewpoint entirely. The rockets we somehow got used to. This is something else. They are under our homes," said Ofra Benudiz, a 52-year-old mother of four in Nir Am, a kibbutz near Sderot. "Our greatest fear is that they will infiltrate."

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Gaza fighting rages amid cease-fire efforts

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP)  Israeli tanks and warplanes bombarded the Gaza Strip on Thursday, as Hamas militants stuck to their demand for the lifting of an Israeli and Egyptian blockade amid U.S. efforts to reach a cease-fire.
The 16-day conflict has claimed the lives of 718 Palestinians, most of them civilians, Palestinian health officials say. Israel has lost 32 soldiers, all since July 17, when it widened its air campaign into a full-scale ground operation aimed at halting rocket fire

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2 planes with more crash victims to leave Ukraine

KHARKIV, Ukraine (AP)  Dozens of containers holding remains of victims of the Malaysia Airlines crash were loaded aboard two military transports to go to the Netherlands Thursday on the second day of the airlift, while Australia's government dispatched 50 police officers to London to prepare to join a proposed U.N. team to secure the crash site.
The crash a week ago killed all 298 people - most of them Dutch citizens - aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. Wreckage of the

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China's love and dating scene laid out on stage

BEIJING (AP)  For many of today's Chinese youth looking for a partner, love takes second place to parental pressure, moving up the social ladder and a heavy dose of fear drummed into women that they will end up as "leftover."
These aspects and others relating to love, dating and women's status in the Middle Kingdom will be examined on Saturday in a China-inspired version of "The Vagina Monologues," a Broadway hit exploring womanhood that got actresses voicing women's most intimate feelings to packed theaters.

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