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Wednesday Aug 05

Greek stock market suffers second day of losses

ATHENS, Greece (AP) - The Greek stock market is suffering a second day of losses since reopening, with banks shares down the most.
The main index was down 4 percent soon after the start of trading Tuesday. It fell 16.2 percent Monday, when it reopened after a five-week closure.
The plunge comes as Greece reels from the impact of limits on money withdrawals and transfers imposed June 29 to avoid a banking collapse as well as uncertainty over its negotiations for a new bailout.

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Mission at Hiroshima's dome: Saving blasted bits of history

HIROSHIMA, Japan (AP) - The crumbling brick and concrete walls of the Atomic Bomb Dome, as it is known today, rise above the Motoyasu River. The bomb so devastated Hiroshima that there are few other reminders of the city that was here seven decades ago.
"I didn't want to see this place for a long time," said Kimie Mihara, a fragile but straight-backed 89-year-old. She walked slowly around the fenced-off ruin, now roofless save for the dome's skeleton.
On the morning of Aug. 6, 1945, this building was her office. She was running late to work. That's the only reason she's still alive.

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Facing Islamic State threat, Iraq digitizes national library

BAGHDAD (AP) - The dimly-lit, dust-caked stacks of the Baghdad National Library hide a treasure of the ages: crinkled, yellowing papers holding the true stories of sultans and kings; imperialists and socialists; occupation and liberation; war and peace.
These are the original chronicles of Iraq's rich and tumultuous history - and now librarians and academics in Baghdad are working feverishly to preserve what's left after thousands of documents were lost or damaged at the height of the U.S.-led invasion.

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Egypt's disaffected youth increasingly calling for violence

CAIRO (AP) - The 20-year-old law student says he has had enough of fruitless protests in support of Egypt's deposed Islamist president, two years of a losing struggle with police.
Now he wants to join the extremists of the Islamic State group who are battling the army in the Sinai Peninsula.
He and other youths are growing increasingly open in their calls for violence and a move toward extremism, frustrated by the police crackdown since the military ousted President Mohammed Morsi in 2013. Some want to avenge friends and family killed or abused by police.

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Kosovo passes law on war crimes court

PRISTINA, Kosovo (AP) - Kosovo lawmakers have approved a law to set up a special war crimes court.
The overnight vote was the last hurdle for creating the legal body, which will have international judges and prosecutors try ethnic Albanian guerrillas for the alleged killing of civilian detainees, most of them Serbs immediately after the war ended in 1999.
The assembly voted 73-1 in favor of the law despite an opposition boycott. On Monday, the assembly amended the constitution so that the court could be created.

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Stock Trader

Name Google Inc.Microsoft CorporationYahoo! Inc.MERVAL BUENOS AIRESIBOVESPAIPC
Date 8/4/20158/4/20158/4/20158/4/20158/4/20158/4/2015
Time 4:00pm ET4:00pm ET4:00pm ET5:00pm ET5:18pm ET3:06pm ET
Trade 629.2547.5437.1210,808.5150,058.4945,177.98
Change -1.960.730.43-90.93-79.56274.03
% Chg -0.31%1.56%1.17%-0.83%-0.1587%0.61%
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